The Best Putters of 2024

No matter what type of putting stroke you have, there is a perfect putter out there for you.  Just a couple of decades ago, blade putters were by far the most common type of Best Putters 2024 found in golf bags.  But since the turn of the century, golf equipment manufacturers have brought mallet putters into more and more golf bags, both amateur and professional.

The numbers show that the putter is often used the most of any club in the golf bag by a wide margin.  Consider a golfer that, on average, shoots a score of 80 on their home course.  Let’s assume that the player two-putts most holes but is known to have the occasional three-putt somewhere in their round.  In shooting their score of 80, the player has likely used their putter on somewhere between 36 and 40 of their strokes.  With somewhere between 40-50% of your strokes coming on the green, you must find the best putter to fit your game and stroke.

The blade vs mallet putter debate evokes strong feelings from fans of both sides and many golfers have switched back and forth from each in hopes of finding that elusive, magical touch.  This article will highlight some of the best putters you can buy in 2024, their unique features, and why they might just be the perfect putter for you.


The Best Putters of 2024

Cobra 3D Printed

Made in partnership with L.A. Golf, Cobra’s line of 3D-printed putters is as high-tech as it gets in golf club manufacturing.  Scheduled for a late February release, the 2024 edition of the 3D Printed putters will provide golfers with an ultimate pairing of stability, alignment, and face control.  As the name implies, Cobra designers used 3D printing for a significant portion of the club’s body to optimize weight shifting which led to enhanced performance.  The club’s variable-loft face also encourages a more consistent role.

Beyond the cutting-edge materials used in the 3D Printed construction, the putter comes in three different head styles including both blade and mallet.  The putter also features weight ports on the bottom of the clubhead that can hold weight screws ranging from 5 grams up to 25 grams. Golfers will be able to use these weights to adjust the swing weight of their putter based on what is ideal for their unique putting stroke.  A professional fitter can assist in helping you find the best 3D Printed head style and weighting for your stroke.


Ping PLD Milled

Best Putters of 2024

Image Ping Golf

Coming in at an impressive $449, the Ping PLD Milled series of putters carries a hefty price tag and a boatload of features that make it one of the best putters of 2024.  Coming in both a traditional blade look as well as a mallet-style head, the Ping PLD Milled series combines classic looks with a precision feel and feedback.


The PLD Milled series is frequently seen in the hands of tour pros who demand the most out of their putters and amateurs can now make those same demands.  Milled from soft 303 stainless steel blocks, the PLD Milled series features a consistent face milling pattern that’s meant to soften the sound and feel of impact. Ping’s designers have spent decades studying groove depth in different metals so they can produce the precise harmonics they want at impact, and in the PLD Milled, the slightly deeper milling pattern produces a deeper tone.

Whether you prefer a blade or mallet, the Ping PLD Milled series of putters is a classically elegant choice with no wasted lines or space.  The result is a beautiful golf club that delivers phenomenal feedback and feel.


Odyssey White Hot OG

Blade putter

Image Odyssey

Odyssey has been one of the best-known names in putters for decades and their White Hot line of putters has been a long-time favorite of pros and amateurs alike.  The Odyssey White Hot OG features a urethane insert that offers the desired combination of a soft feel and superior speed control.  

The White Hot OG comes in both traditional blade design and mallet style while the club’s other features (hosel style, length, loft, grip, etc) can be designed and selected to suit your putting style.  While any putter can be customized to the golfer’s liking, the White Hot OG’s standard stock technology and specifications make it one of the best putters on the market in 2024.


Bettinardi Studio Stock

Mallet putter

Image Bettinardi

Bob Bettinardi’s putters are renowned for their high-tech, computer-driven construction that results in precision milling and exceptional performance. Bettinardi’s Studio Stock line of putters is a favorite among PGA Tour players like 2022 U.S. Open champion Matthew Fitzpatrick and easily one of the best putters you can find.

Bettinardi’s use of a soft carbon steel construction process results in an incredibly soft feel at impact which allows players incredible feel and responsiveness.

While Bettinardi putters are unquestionably some of the best putters of 2024 and any year for that matter, they do come with a hefty price tag ($400 and up) so be ready to pay up for better-putting results!


The Best Putter for You in 2024

We all could stand to save a few strokes on the green so deciding which putter is best for your game should not be a rushed decision.  Whether you’ve already settled your blade vs mallet debate or are still open to new options, you would be wise to try out the models here and see how they feel.  They are widely recognized as a few of the best putters of 2024 and one of them may just be the perfect fit for your stroke.

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