The Best Wedges of 2024

A surefire way for amateur golfers to improve their scores and lower their handicaps is to emphasize the short-game.  By improving your wedge play, you give yourself a better chance of hitting shots closer to the pin, recovering from tough situations, saving more pars, and creating birdie opportunities throughout your round. Selecting the best golf wedges for your game and swing is crucial for dialing in your short game and, ultimately, lowering your handicap.  This article will highlight our choices for the best wedges of 2024.  These clubs provide a mix of precision, control, versatility, and forgiveness and this makes them some of the best options on the market if you’re looking to level up your wedges this year and take strokes off your game.


The Best Golf Wedges You Can Buy Today

Titleist Vokey Wedges / Vokey SM9

Titleist and Bob Vokey have become the gold standard for golf wedges today. Vokey Design wedges have been the overwhelming favorite among Tour players since 2004, with close to 40 percent of all sand, lob, and approach wedges in play at any given PGA Tournament.

Best Wedges of 2024


While the PGA Tour is the ultimate proving ground for any club manufacturer, Bob Vokey has always had the amateur golfer in mind when he goes to his design table. His philosophy has resonated in the marketplace where Vokey Design wedges are best-sellers with golfers of all skill levels.  As Vokey says, “Wedge play is simple, it’s about proximity to the hole” and his craftsmanship is entirely focused on creating clubs that make the player, regardless of skill level, feel a sense.


Today, you can find Vokey wedges in the bags of the likes of Justin Thomas, Jessica Korda, Jordan Spieth, Max Homa, and Cameron Young,  In fact, Vokey golf wedges are used by nearly 200 tour pros which dwarfs their competition with the next closest clubmaker having less than 100 players using their wedges.


The Vokey SM9 line of best wedges of 2024 are widely considered some of the best in golf.  With the option to customize your Vokey wedges from their loft, bounce, finish and grips, you can build a club that truly suits your swing and eye.  Vokey SM9 wedges provide players with launch angle consistency, phenomenal feel on the clubface, and a best in class aesthetic that will leave you feeling confident in your approach to any green.


Callaway Golf Jaws Raw Wedges

best golf wedges

Callaway Golf

Callaway describes their Jaws Raw wedge line as having “the most aggressive grooves in golf,” with a raw, almost sandpaper textured face that promotes maximum spin and “one hop and stop” opportunities for your approach shots to the green. Callaway also added tungsten technology to the Jaws Raw line that promotes a weight balanced club that offers both feel and control throughout the swing.

The face of the Jaws Raw wedges were constructed to maintain a premium look over time and age beautifully while still hitting precision shots season after season.

Callaway left no stone unturned when it comes to customizing your Jaws Raw wedges as they come in 17 different loft and bounce combinations per finish which means you will be able to find exactly the configuration to suit your game.  The Jaws Raw wedges are available in lofts from 48° through to 60° and in four grind options: S (standard), W (wide), Z (low bounce) and X (high bounce).


Cleveland Golf 

Best wedges


Cleveland Golf


Cleveland Golf’s RTX and CBX golf wedges provide a club lineup designed to meet the needs of any golfer regardless of handicap, preference or goals.  Cleveland’s RTX lines are designed for the more skilled golfer and offer a classic blade look.  The RTX lineup provides a traditional sole design and comes in a variety of grinds and finishes to suit your needs.


Should you feel compelled (and you should!) to go through a fitting session to find your perfect golf wedges, you’ll come to find that RTX wedges can be configured to exactly fit your swing style and attack angle.


Cleveland’s CBX line looks very similar to an RTX wedge address but carry an important distinction.  The CBX features a cavity-backed design which equates to a more forgiving experience for higher handicap players.  CBX wedges also come with a more curved leading edge which promotes an easier time getting the club through both the rough and sand.

If you’re looking to save strokes around the green and want a more forgiving wedge, the CBX could be a great fit for your bag.


TaylorMade MG4 Wedges

TaylorMade’s Milled Grind 4 wedges utilize laser etched Spin Tread technology and a raw face design.  These features are intended to provide better bite around the greens and superior spin in wet conditions. The MG4’s refined shaping creates a smooth aesthetic that inspires creativity around the greens, while improved mass distribution provides a solid feel.

Best Golf Wedges


TaylorMade Golf

The MG4’s Spin Tread design feature is akin to the way tire treads are designed to keep our cars in control on the road in wet conditions.  TaylorMade’s updated Spin Tread technology redirects water at impact and creates more friction between the club face and golf ball to impart more spin than the clubmaker’s prior generations.  TaylorMade also put significant consideration into the look and feel of the MG4 prompting them to make refinements in the club’s shape and visual appeal with a focus on what players perceive at address. 


Details from the hosel blend, offset and leading-edge straightness were all inspired by the insights and preferences of the best players and most experienced designers. Compared to the previous MG3, MG4 showcases a slightly larger footprint that provides players with a sense of roundness, smoothness and improved ease of use.


TaylorMade is one of the most respected equipment makers in best wedges of 2024 and their latest offering of wedges are some of the best you can find on the market today.


The Best Golf Wedges of 2023: A Closing Thought

Titleist, Callaway, Cleveland, and TaylorMade have dominated thebest wedges of 2024 market for years yet we’ve shared how each clubmaker has continued to evolve and deliver unique offerings to the table that help players perform their best around the green.  Whether it’s cutting-edge technology, innovative design, or customizability, their wedges can significantly impact your game and scoring. 


The best golf wedge in 2024 for you is going to depend on your playing style, experience level, and personal preferences.  And with the advancements in club technology we’ve seen in recent years, there’s no reason you shouldn’t be able to find a wedge that perfectly suits your game.


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