Why You Should Watch the LIV Golf Tour


Why You Should Watch the LIV Golf Tour

If you’re not a golf fan, you’re missing out. Last month, the LIV Golf Tour played host to 48 players, including some prodigious names and former major champions. These famous players included Phil Mickelson, Dustin Johnson, Sergio Garcia, Ian Poulter, and Louis Oosthuizen. In addition to these mighty golfers, there were numerous familiar faces for regular golf watchers as well.

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The tour boasts an impressive roster of the world’s famous golfers, attracting legends of the game and rising stars alike. The prospect of witnessing these golfing titans join forces or face off against each other guarantees high-stakes drama and exceptional displays of skill on every hole.

The LIV Golf Tour transcends geographical boundaries, taking place in stunning and diverse locations around the globe. From the best golf courses to breathtaking landscapes, each tournament promises a visual feast, providing viewers with a virtual tour of some of the best golf courses worldwide.


Phil Mickelson

The LIV Golf Tour is growing in popularity as more players are making the switch from the PGA Tour. Players like Phil Mickelson, Bryson DeChambeau, and Dustin Johnson have all made the move to the new circuit. While some critics have called this practice “sportswashing,” others argue that it is an intelligent way for these players to swell their brand.

Although Mickelson’s decision is contentious, it is unheard of for people to be critical of him. Even former players and current NBC analysts have publicly supported his decision. Even former NBA star Kawhi Leonard is involved in broadcasting this week’s LIV Tour event. Despite his recent controversies, Mickelson believes his decision will leave pragmatic reverberations. However, he realizes that this decision will not be accepted by everyone.

A recent article in the New York Times describes the LIV Golf Tour as “a more casual version of the PGA Tour.” It’s not a full replica of the PGA Tour, but it’s a viable alternative for many golf fans. And Phil has a history of winning the PGA Tour. So, the LIV Tour is the place to catch Phil’s next major.


Dustin Johnson

Dustin Johnson is one of the most notable players on the LIV Golf Tour. One of only two Americans in the top 20 who has name recognition outside of hardcore golf circles, Johnson will be playing in the LIV event in London. Despite the controversy surrounding Phil Mickelson’s involvement in the Saudi Arabian Open, Johnson has been the talk of the tour. The former world number one has referred to Saudi Arabia as a “scary motherf ” in an interview with a biography author.

The LIV Golf Tour is backed by Saudi Arabia. There’s no doubt that the WSOP is aware of the number of American players jumping aboard the LIV Golf Tour. The WSOP hoped that a London field full of has-beens would scare others away. While that may be true, it would also make sense if the LIV field was full of has-beens. The WSOP has been a circus for years. The players who have jumped aboard aren’t breathing easy in Ponte Vedra.

While Johnson may be the most exceptional player on the LIV, his PGA Tour status may not be. The PGA Tour has more high-profile players who make millions of dollars. For these reasons, LIV events are more attractive to big-name players who need the exposure. This means that they’ll earn more money.

Besides, these players will also be better prepared for major events. Hence, if you’re interested in watching Dustin Johnson and other PGA Tour pros, you can follow the LIV Tour to stay up to date on the latest developments.


Sergio Garcia

Many of you have been waiting to see Sergio Garcia play in his first LIV Golf Tour event. The Spaniard, an 11-time PGA Tour winner, has been linked to the LIV tour since the LIV was launched. But before you go out and buy the tickets, let’s take a closer look at the reasons for watching the LIV events. Garcia has a strong reputation for being a great player and can compete with the best in the world. Despite his age, Garcia has the skills and the game to compete with the best.

Even though he had been in the spotlight for most of his career, Garcia had a disappointing year in 2009. His PGA Tour money ranking was only 74th, and he was not guaranteed an automatic entry into the US PGA Championship. However, in a qualifying event near Memphis, he finished fourth, earning him a spot in the tournament. The following week, he shot a seven-under-par 67 to win the Race to Dubai. In the U.S. Open, he was tied for ninth place, and he played very well throughout the four rounds, finishing in a tie for ninth.

The LIV Golf Tour is Garcia’s way of bringing his fame to the LPGA Tour. Despite his recent controversy and recent departure, the Spaniard has earned more than $54 million from the LPGA Tour. And although he won the 2017 Masters, many still believe he is merely playing to make some money on the LIV Tour. Sergio Garcia is a Ryder Cup legend.

One of the challenges lies in how to watch the LIV Golf Tour. They currently only air on LivGolf.com, YouTube, and Facebook. So tune in and check it out!

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