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Blog Submission Guidelines

Thanks for your interest in submitting a post to the What are Yourgolfspot blog. We’re the go-to resource for those who want to learn everything related to Yourgolfspot.|

To make things easier for aspiring writers and our editor team, we have a set of guidelines for blog submissions, described below:

Tone & Voice

Our tone is casual and informative. When writing for us, describe your ideas as if you were talking to a friend. We seek to inform our audience in a friendly, conversational, and whimsical way.

We speak to our audience as real people (because they are). When writing for us, Yourgolfspot voice should always connect with our audience.

Our style guide allows us to write consistently across our blog. All of our writing communicates Yourgolfspot core brand values:

  • Innovation
  • Creativity
  • Evergreen Content
  • Inventiveness
  • Clever takes on Golf news

We strive to be funny and add some lighthearted sarcasm when possible, but only when suitable. Your priority should be to enlighten the audience, not mock them.

Always have fun with your writing and be conversational. Make sure your post includes actionable steps for the reader.

We believe that to win the race, you don’t need to trip your competitors. This means we don’t call out specific competitors in our content or disrespect them in any way.

We are never overly promotional about ourselves when it comes to our content, and we expect the same of our guest writers. All posts must strive to be informative, brand-agnostic, and backed up by credible sources.

We prefer active voice, avoiding complicated sentences and writing with positive undertones.

Instead of explaining how a project is doing something wrong, describe your ideas on how they can make it right.

We value thought leadership and creative suggestions for the industry, especially coming from first-hand experience.

Blog Post Structure

Blogs should be a minimum of 1600 words, though we can make cases for shorter pieces with major impact. Don’t force extra words to hit a word count.

Our posts will be edited by our in-house team to ensure word economy and optimization for Yourgolfspot.

We reserve the right of editing submitted guest posts to ensure they fit within our guidelines and can be targeted to our audience.


We prefer kicking off our blog posts with a great intro. There’s no strict word count regarding the introduction, but it must have a hook and hint at what’s to come. Stating facts and statistics with proper links is always a plus.

The purpose of the intro is to draw the reader’s attention from the beginning.

Titles and subheadings should use sentence case capitalization. Subheadings are used to separate sections of the article.

We love bullet points, as long as they are relevant. Use them for major takeaways in each section or for step-by-step tutorials.


The body is where you use your primary keywords and divide each section using subheadings. Use subheadings to improve the flow and makes it easy for readers to scroll.

You can use as many subheadings as needed to explain your ideas, and use subordinate subheadings when necessary: H2, H3, H4, and so on.

Explain in concise detail your ideas and contrast them with opposing concepts to have a 360 analysis of your topic. Feel free to link to high-authority sources, but be careful of linking to competitor websites.

Line break under every header and between paragraphs and use bullet points when needed.


The conclusion summarizes the ideas presented in the body and the main takeaways for the reader. Avoid using subheadings in the conclusion and try to keep it less than 150 words.

We highly advise you to add our call-to-action at the end of the article.


  • Original content that is well-researched and well-written.
  • It should not have been published previously elsewhere.
  • Ask yourself the post’s purpose. Is it providing the reader with value?
  • Strong, relevant backlinks. Minimum three backlinks per guest post.
  • If you have posts related to the topic, we welcome you to link back to them. The link will be No-Follow.
  • Use backlinks from credible, authoritative sources.
  • Formatted for readability.
  • Write a compelling title that includes the pitched keyword
  • Break up text into short paragraphs; aim for no more than 5 sentences.
  • Include images. Images should be properly credited to avoid copyright violations.

What We’re Looking For

Many Golf news are monopolized by the biggest Golf News blogs in the industry, so we don’t try to compete with them.

What You Should Do

  • Speak directly to the audience.
  • Write in simple terms.
  • Avoid fluff.

What To Avoid

Don’t poke fun at other Glof News blogs, influencers, or news sources.

What are Yourgolfspot adds a creative spin to existing ideas and news in the news space.

When we say add a creative spin, we mean:

  • Deconstructing concepts in the Golf News space to make them easier to understand.
  • Write thoughts and opinions on existing Golf concepts.
  • Describe use cases of Golf in different industries.
  • Analyze Golf News collections and their pros and cons.

Yourgolfspot is committed to collaborate with Golf News community projects, collections and individuals with innovative ideas.

We want to provide smaller Golf News communities with a platform where they can speak with a voice of their own.

We value featured articles and interviews to Golf Tournaments projects, especially those disrupting the space.

If you have first-hand experience working with these projects, or are acquainted with members of their team, we encourage you to pitch us your idea.


Links are always well-received in our blog posts, and to ensure the best practices when citing sources, we encourage you to follow these tips:

  • Always add sources for statistics and data.
  • Avoid linking to competitor websites, except for thought leaders (e.g: Forbes) or Medium publications.
  • Don’t link to dictionaries or definitions.
  • Avoid linking to online courses or pay-walled posts.
  • Don’t link to Google Docs files or PDFs.
  • The more recent the post you’re linking, the better. We prefer links that are less than two years old, but exceptions are possible.


We have a zero tolerance policy for plagiarized or duplicate content. All of our content is revised using different plagiarism-checker tools and software to ensure there are no issues with sources and SEO.

We highly encourage you to double check your guest post for plagiarism before submitting the copy. Even the best writers can uninentionally plagiarize from time to time, so this should be a top priority for all submissions.

We know many recurring terms and definitions could possibly trigger unintentional plagiarism, so try to be careful with wording and paraphrase when possible.

Before submitting a pitch, double-check that it hasn’t been posted on our blog. Use the search function at the top of our blog to search for your post’s title and keywords to verify.

Bylines & Crediting

We want to properly credit you for publishing a piece on yourgolfspot.com. Feel free to send us your author bio describing your work experience, including your company and a link to your homepage.

Submission Process

Interested in submitting your piece? Follow these steps to bring your idea live on our blog:

Select A Topic

Email- alice@yourgolfspot.com with 2–3 suggested topics, keywords, and subheadings for each.

Write The Draft

If approved, you have the green light to write the draft. Submit it to the same email address on an editable Google Docs document, and we’ll review it on our end.

If you follow the guidelines to the tee, we’ll notify you and publish the piece.

Important note: Please review Our Blogs to know the tone and style of our content before suggesting topics.