How PXG is becoming the golfing brand to take golf to the next level

There are several brands that are synonymous with the game of pxg golf. Titleist, Callaway, and Ping are just three brands that sell millions of products all over the world and sponsor a raft of professional players. However, there is a new player on the scene.

PXG (Parsons Xtreme Golf) was launched back in 2013 by businessman Bob Parsons. A self-proclaimed ‘golf nut,’ Parsons wanted to get hold of clubs that were considered the best in the world. 

Incorporating the very latest technologies as well as top-class design aesthetics, PXG allows for unique customization and for its clubs to be configured to an individual player’s needs. Fast becoming one of the most recognized names in golf, PXG golf clubs and PXG golf balls are quickly becoming some of the most sought-after items in the market. 

With a fantastic choice of equipment to choose from, this review will take a look at all things PXG golf and reveal some of its most famous products. 


PXG Drivers 

Let’s start our PXG review by looking at some of the different types of drivers that PXG has developed. 

Its most famous range of drivers is the GEN series, which is built to suit players of all abilities. 

Incorporating a huge range of different technologies, a PXG GEN driver comes complete with ‘Precision Weighted Technology’ that helps enable maximum club head speed, and the club face employs a Ti412 titanium alloy, which helps achieve maximum distance and control. 

Each driver within PXG’s GEN series comes in a cool chrome or jet-black color, making them one of the most striking drivers available on the market. 

The latest driver from PXG is the GEN 6 model, but if you are looking for a cheaper option, some of the earlier models, such as the GEN 5 or GEN 4, drivers should retail for much less. 

The other driver that is available from PXG is its Black Ops range. 

Delivering a sleek and unique look, the Black Ops driver should enable you to find the perfect blend of forgiveness and speed as well as achieve higher loft and spin rates. 

Coming with a choice of club heads, all PXG Black Ops drivers can be custom-made to suit your driving needs. Regarded as one of the hottest clubs in the market, any money spent on the Black Ops range would be well worth the investment.

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Hybrids and Irons


There is no use hitting a booming drive if you can’t back up that drive with either a decent iron or hybrid shot.

Making up the bulk of your golf bag, there are plenty of different hybrids and irons that you can purchase from PXG, and it’s here that PXG’s excellent customization really comes into its own.

One of the main advantages of using a hybrid over an iron is that it can offer more forgiveness and distance. Similarly to its drivers, the GEN 6 or GEN 5 hybrids are perfect for those looking to find more consistency with their swings.

Keeping up the sleek black look and feel that the driver encompasses, the GEN range of hybrids are beautiful-looking clubs.

Depending on how you want to hit your hybrids, there are several different club heads you can choose that all provide different levels of launch. Every hybrid clubface can be set at 17, 19, 22, 25 and 28 degrees. Each option will provide players the ability to hit the ball different distances and at different heights.

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When it comes to finding the perfect set of irons, PXG makes it easy and has options that are suitable for every type of player. 

For those starting out, the 0211Z hybrid irons are perfect. PXG boldly claims the 0211Z is its most forgiving club. The clubs are light, and each club face contains a large sweet spot, which enables the ball to travel further and achieve higher spin rates. 

If you want to take your game from great to good, the GEN 6 0311 XP Irons could be for you. Available in a cool chrome or jet-black finish, having these irons in your bag will cause envy in all of your playing partners.

Employing the same ‘Precision Weighting Technology’ that you can find in PXG drivers, the GEN 6 0311 XP Irons will enable greater ball flight and help players unlock even more distance.

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Having worked your way onto the green, you will need to ensure that you have the right putter to put the ball into the hole.

PXG has designed a wide range of putters, but arguably, its most iconic putter is the Battle Ready II Bat Attack. 

Looking like a putter that hails from the future, the Bat Attack has a clubface that contains a molded core with an exceptionally thin putter face that should greatly assist with your putting stroke.

If you want a more classic putter, the Bayonet Putter should be right up your street. The lightest putter that PXG has ever produced, the Bayonet is perfect for those looking to find a consistent putting stroke and should enable better overall ball striking.


Golf Balls

When it comes to our PXG golf ball review, the focus on products is short as PXG only specializes in one ball, the PXG Xtreme Premium.

Helping deliver maximum distance and grip, the PXG Xtreme is a great choice of ball all the way from tee to green. 

It’s amazing to see the level of technology that has gone into the PXG Xtreme balls. Not only do they contain a sophisticated polybutadiene core, but they also contain an ionomer mantle layer, which helps provide maximum distance and speed off the tee. The PXG Xtreme ball also contains a unique 338 dimple pattern that helps with the ball’s flight and makes it incredibly aerodynamic.  

Although PXG isn’t known for its golf ball development, the PXG Xtreme’s have tested well, and according to the official PXG website, they can compare with some of the very best balls in the business, such as the Titleist Pro V1.

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