2024 Equipment Review: Discover a range of PXG golf clubs, golf balls, and more.

Back in 2013, businessman Bob Parsons went on a hunt for the perfect set of PXG golf clubs

A self-proclaimed golf nut, Parsons sounded out two of the game’s most respected golf club designers. The brief was simple: firstly, design clubs that looked cool; next, design a club that could launch the ball high; and finally, design a club that would provide length and has a forgiving sweet spot. 

After months of development and fine-tuning, the first set of PXG clubs was born. 

Now a world-famous golfing brand, PGA Tour winners Luke List, Joel Dahmen, and Zach Johnson are just three of PXG’s global ambassadors, and the impact of PXG is only set to grow even further. 

If you are looking for a new set of clubs, then this guide could come in handy. 

With PXG golf clubs available for every type of player, we will reveal some of the very best PXG golf clubs currently available and explore what makes them so great. 



Drivers are the most important club in the bag. With golfers wanting to bomb the mile, a good driver can greatly assist a golfer on their journey to shooting low scores. 

PXG has dedicated a vast amount of time and resources to developing state-of-the-art drivers, and here are just a few that you can buy.


PXG 0311 Black Ops Driver

There is much excitement over the release of PXG’s new driver – the PXG 0311 Black Ops Driver.

Designed using new sophisticated materials and advanced technologies, the new PXG Black Ops Driver is built for maximum distance but also provides maximum forgiveness.

Sleek in its appearance, the all-black look of the Black Ops Driver makes the club look more like a sword than a golf club. 

Engineered for players of all abilities, the new Black Ops Driver looks set to take the golfing world by storm. 

If you like the look of the new Black Ops Driver, you can also match it with Black Ops Hybrids and other woods.


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PXG 0311 Gen 6 Driver 

For those new to the game, PXG’s Gen 6 Driver could be the club for you. Designed with forgiveness in mind, the large sweet spot enables better and straighter drives. 

Perfect for those looking for extra consistency, the Gen 6 Driver is ideal for those wanting to take their game to the next level. 



Good hybrid play is becoming an essential part of any champion golfer’s arsenal. With long irons slowly disappearing from the game, hybrid clubs are becoming an important tool in the bag.

Here are some of the PXG’s best hybrid clubs.

0211 Hybrids

One of the drawbacks of PXG clubs is that they can be expensive. The great thing about PXG’s 0211 Hybrids is that they are a brilliant option for those wanting to buy some solid entry-level clubs. 

Built with speed in mind, the 0211 Hybrids should be suitable for every kind of lie. Also respected for the help it provides with spin control, you won’t be disappointed if you end up investing in a 0211 Hybrid. 


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0311 Gen6 Hybrids 

For those looking to spend a little extra on their hybrids, the 0311 Gen6 Hybrid could be the perfect club.

Built with all of PXG’s knowledge and expertise, the Gen6 designs have been hailed for their ability to provide great distance and pinpoint accuracy. 

Depending on your level, there are two different sizes of heads that you can choose from. The smaller design of head is ideal for distance with the larger head perfect for those looking for more forgiveness.



What’s the point of a beautiful booming drive if you can’t make the most of it with your irons? 

Still an essential part of the golf bag. PXG has a brilliant range of irons that are ready and waiting for you. 


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0211 XCor2

For those looking for a cost-effective but solid iron, the 0211 XCor2 irons should be where you turn to. 

Aimed at beginners and those wanting to quickly improve their game, the XCor2’s have been built with forgiveness in mind. 

PXG proudly states that its innovative Power Channel Technology is what makes its clubs so unique, and it plays a key part in the design of the XCor2. The XCor2s should help with your ball flight while still helping you achieve maximum distance. 


0311 Gen6

If you are looking for state-of-the-art irons, then the 0311 Gen6 irons are what you need. 

Containing a raft of technologies, Gen6 irons also come with a unique club face and are built to last due to the fact they are forged five times in carbon steel. 

Yes, they might cost a pretty penny, but they are well worth the investment. 



There’s an old saying in golf that driving is for show while putting is for dough. Taking that to heart, there are several brilliant PXG putters that you can get your hands on.




Battle Ready II Blackjack Putter

PXG has developed a range of fantastic-looking putters, with one of these being the Battle Ready II Blackjack putter. 

Praised for its stability and forgiveness, the Blackjack putter will give you a unique and smooth swing every time you address the ball. 


Battle Ready Hercules Putter 

For those not wanting to spend a fortune on their putter, then the Battle Ready Hercules Putter could be the putter for you. 

Made from high-density tungsten, the Hercules Putter is lightweight but sturdy. 

Built to last for years, it could be a really worthwhile investment. 


Golf balls

The world of golf is awash with golf ball brands, but PXG didn’t want to miss out on the action and has designed some superb PXG golf balls that you can play with. 


PXG Xtreme Premium Golf Balls

PXG’s premium golf ball offering is the Xtreme Premium Golf Ball.

Priced cheaper than Titleist Pro V1s, the Xtreme ball promises to deliver distance and grip on the greens. 

Containing a firm ionomer mantle layer, the Xtreme ball should fly off the tee. Its patented 338 dimple design has been designed to be as aerodynamic as possible, and it is a top-quality ball to play with. 

PXG Golf Balls

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