The Art of Putting: Revealing the best putter grips to help improve your game on the greens

There is no truer saying in golf ‘that driving is for show and putting is for dough.’ It doesn’t matter how far you can drive the ball; if you can’t put the ball in the hole, you won’t get far. There is no finer example of this than the play of Scottie Scheffler last year. Dominant in almost all driving and approach play categories, Scheffler simply couldn’t get the putts to drop when they mattered, and it was a major reason why the Texan was only able to win once in 2023. Being good on the greens can often be the key to playing consistent and solid golf.  Whereas driving often relies on sheer brute strength, putting requires feel and touch. To unlock the perfect putting stroke, there are a great variety of putter grips that you can use. Ranging dramatically in size, shape, and the types of materials they use, let’s explore some of the best putter grips in more detail below. 



When looking to find the best putter grip, one of the first brands that players of all levels turn to is SuperStrokeWhen watching professional golf tournaments, you may have noticed a trend in players such as Jordan Spieth using huge oversized grips; this is what a SuperStroke putter grip specializes in. Used by both amateurs and professionals all over the world, the oversized nature of SuperStroke grips is designed to help reduce tension in the hands and wrists, which can so often be the reason why putting strokes can go awry. Offering a range of different sizes, SuperStroke buyers can experiment with grips ranging from size 1 to the massive size 5. Measured by diameter, for those new to the brand, the perfect starting grip is usually believed to be a 2. SuperStroke recommends trying out a range of different sizes before landing on your ideal choice, and that’s advice we would wholeheartedly support.

To get started, one of the best products to buy is the SuperStroke Zenergy Pistol Grip

New to the market, the tacky outside layer allows for maximum grip and comfort and should help you feel the ball through contact. 

If you want to try out a more tried and tested SuperStroke grip, SuperStroke’s Traxion range could be worth considering.

Whereas other grips in this review will have a contoured shape, Traxion grips are completely straight from the bottom to the top. 

The straightness of the grip should enhance your feel through the putting stroke and should help you develop a much more consistent putting stroke.




Pro Only

If the idea of using a large oversized grip doesn’t appeal, then it could be worth investing in a Pro Only grip. 

Pro Only grips come in three different ranges: the Red Star, Blue Star, and Green Star. All have been designed purely on the feedback given to them by pro players. 

Sleek and sophisticated, every Pro Only grip incorporates Fingerprint Technology and a specialized Genesis Material that has been designed to provide the maximum amount of feel to putts. 

One of the areas where Pro Only Grips excels is in comfort. Each model contains an arched paddle front, which is designed to assist with thumb comfort. 

For those wanting to try out Pro Only grips, we would recommend using the Green Star grip. Perfect for every level of golfer, it’s one of the very best grips on the market.

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Although Lamkin might not be as well known as some of the other grip brands on this list, it has developed a great reputation for quality.

One of its most loved products is the Sink Fit Grip. Featuring innovative fingerprint technology as well as a specialist Genesis Material, the grip greatly helps with wrist alignment and should enable a more consistent putting stroke. 

If you like the feel of Lamkin’s Sink Fit Grip, you should keep an eye out for its driving grips which have also become some of the most respected on the market.




Although Tiger Woods didn’t play enough golf to be considered one of the best putters in 2023, throughout his long and storied career, he has used putter grips from Ping. 

Ping is one of the most respected names in the business, and the Ping PP58 is one of the best putter grips that you can get your hands on. 

Unlike putters from SuperStroke, the PP58 is exceptionally thin. Aimed at a better level of golfer and those specifically on the Pro Tours, those looking to get the maximum feel from their putting stroke should find the PP58 to their liking. 

Available in black and white, the PP58 can make any putter look cool. 




Winn might not be a name that jumps to the top of the mind when thinking of putter grips but its grips always deliver quality.

Known for producing some of the tackiest grips on the market, the Winn Excel Vision is perfect for those who play in inclement weather or experience sweaty hands.

The sticky nature of the grip doesn’t make it uncomfortable to hold, and the polymer material still makes the grip soft in your hands. 

Guaranteed to assist your performance, whatever the weather, the Winn Excel is worth considering. 



Scotty Cameron

When it comes to putters, Scotty Cameron has long been regarded as one of the best manufacturers. A whole host of major champions, such as Scottie Scheffler, Brooks Koepka, Cameron Smith, Jordan Spieth, and Tiger Woods, all choose to play with a Scotty Cameron putter.

As a dedicated putter manufacturer, it isn’t surprising that it also has a strong range of putter grips to choose from. 

One of its most popular grips is the Scotty Cameron Matador Midsize. Utilizing a tacky polymer material, the Matador should allow for high levels of feel and comfort.

If you want to invest in a Scotty Cameron putter, the Matador usually comes with it. A Scotty Cameron putter and grip could provide you with the perfect setup for years to come.

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