Tiger Woods Net Worth: Exploring how he has made a fortune on and off the course

Considered by many as the GOAT and one of the greatest athletes of all time, Tiger Woods hasn’t just amassed a huge variety of accolades on the course, but he is one of the most endorsed athletes in history. Alongside NBA superstar LeBron James, Woods has become the first famous golfer to surpass the $1 billion net worth barrier while still actively playing his sport.  Although injuries have dramatically curtailed Woods’ charge to become the most decorated golfer of all time, he has still amassed a fortune despite not playing much professional golf over the last few years.  In this article, we will take a deeper look at Tiger Woods net worth and reveal how he has gone on to become one of the richest sportsmen in history. 


On course earnings 

The best place to start when looking at how Tiger Woods Net Worth has amassed his fortune is by looking at his earnings on the course. 

Woods was always destined for greatness. Coached by his father, Earl, he first picked up a club at the age of just two and first broke 70 when he was just 12.

With the spotlight on him from an early age, Woods set the world of college golf alight, and after spending just two years at Stanford, he quickly thrust himself into the professional game. 

Showing no signs of fear, Woods won three tournaments as a rookie and quickly became a name that the golfing public was used to seeing at the top of the PGA Tour leaderboards. He quickly confirmed his generational talent when waltzing to a twelve-stroke victory at the 1997 Masters. 

Tiger Woods Masters victory would be the first of many hugely significant successes. Woods has gone on to become one of the most decorated players in PGA history. A winner of 82 PGA events, 20 worldwide tournaments, and fifteen majors, Woods has amassed almost $200 million in prize money. 

Now 48 and fresh off the back of successful ankle surgery, there seems to be a spring back in Woods’ step, and he has challenged himself to play at least one tournament a month throughout the year.

Looking free from pain for the first time in years, few would bet against Woods adding to his major haul and closing the gap on Jack Nicklaus, who currently leads the way when it comes to the most major wins. It will be no surprise to see Woods add even more zeros to his total career prize money earnings by the time 2024 comes to a close.

Tiger Woods

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Ever since Woods was a teenager, the world’s biggest companies have been queuing up to endorse him and have him represent their brands.

Golf was so commonly linked to being a sport exclusively aimed at middle-class white men, but Woods’ ascent to the very top of the game shattered the glass ceiling and made him a sponsors’ dream. It was estimated that when Tiger Woods Net Worth was dominating the world of professional golf, television audiences would drop by almost 20% when he wasn’t in the field. Nobody in the history of the game has been able to attract viewers and brands to golf quite like Woods. The most viewed golf news is often Tiger Woods news.

At the height of his powers, it was estimated that he was earning upwards of $100 million a year thanks to endorsement deals with blue chip organizations and brands such as Nike, Rolex, Gillette, Gatorade, and AT&T.

Although he may not quite be able to match that level of earning power these days, Woods still makes tens of millions of dollars each year thanks to new partnerships with the likes of Monster Energy, Hero, and Upper Deck. 

Tiger Woods Masters

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Business interests 

Woods has long been praised for boasting a golfing IQ that few fellow professionals can match. Able to take his intelligence and elite winning mentality into other areas of his life, over the last few decades Woods has been able to develop a vast business empire. 

Woods is the CEO and founder of TGR. TGR is an entertainment brand that has several different arms, which include TGR Design, TGR Live, and The Woods – his very own upmarket restaurant. 

Woods has currently designed ten golf courses that can be played by the public – he also hosts and produces content for several PGA tournaments each year. It is reported that Woods’ businesses net him hundreds of millions of dollars each year. 

Alongside his TGR investments, Woods has also teamed up with Rory McIlroy to help create TMRW Sports. The two of them have created the TGL, a new virtual golf league that has teams featuring several of the best players on the PGA Tour. Set to launch in 2025, Woods will be hoping that the TGL will help redefine how the world of golf is viewed and played. 

Tiger Woods Worth

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Other investments 

Having amassed a huge personal fortune, it isn’t a surprise that Woods has splashed out on a few nice toys for himself. He is the proud owner of a private jet and also owns a superyacht that spans over three floors.

He has also been keen to ensure he has invested in real estate. The owner of a private resort in the Bahamas where he hosts the annual Hero Challenge, Woods owns a huge mansion on the incredibly exclusive Jupiter Island and owns numerous other properties in Florida and California.

Over the decades, there have also been rumors that Woods owns a private island in Sweden, although this has never been proven. 



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How scandals hit Woods’ net value 

Despite being worth well over a billion dollars, Woods’ fortune has taken a huge hit due to some of the scandals that have blighted his career. 

In November 2009, it emerged that Woods had been having affairs with a string of women. The allegations ended up costing Woods his marriage and saw the majority of his major sponsors end their relationship with him. 

The shock of his actions allegedly cost him around $40 million in endorsement deals. 

Upon the conclusion of his divorce, Woods was believed to have paid his ex-wife around $100 million.

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