Revolutionize Your Putting Game with the Game-Changing SuperStroke Putter Grip

Do you lose your grip easily? If the answer is yes, you need the game-changing excellence of the SuperStroke Putter Grip.

To the lesser-spotted golfer, the SuperStroke Putter Grip might sound like a disease or heart-related condition, but worry not – the SuperStroke Putter Grip is a product that covers the shaft of your club to keep the putter face square.

The SuperStroke Putter Grip or SSPG is another tool in your box to help you step up your game and, on top of that, keep your grip steady; after all, no one wants a sloppy grip – do they?

Here at your Golf Spot HQ, we have been discussing the benefits of a grippy grip, and 50% love the concept of SSPG, while others think it’s cheating; however, they also think modern golf shoes are cheating, and the dinosaurs in accounts started on up to date best golf bags with USB points – mind blown!

So we (mainly me) decided to investigate the SSPG and the best putters 2023 and share what I found with you – so here goes…


What Does the SuperStroke Putter Grip Do?

TBH, the concept isn’t that tricky to understand; All SuperStroke putter grips feature technology that minimizes taper near the bottom of the handle to reduce grip pressure and boost swing speed (hopefully) while making it easier to square the clubface through impact. 

You might wonder (especially if you’re a golfing rookie) why a square face is vital – well, the fact is if you hit the ball square onto the face of the club, you are more likely to send the ball further and higher than if you switch to the side or miss hit altogether.

Listen, we have all missed the ball or sent it into a sand pit in the early days, and some of us are still doing it (Dan, we are talking about you), so why not use a device to make it easier, especially in wet conditions or during a sweaty round?

Here’s a quick rundown on what’s on offer from SSPG USA


SuperStroke: Traxion Tour Club Grip

The Traxion Tour is their first putter grip featuring Spine Technology (AI lead design tech); the design provides a subtle ridge down the underside, which helps your hands position correctly for every swing.

Our verdict: The Traxion offers a golfer consistency with maximum feel – yes, to maximum feel!

Traxion Tour Club Grip

Photo by Courtney Cook on Unsplash


Traxion Wrap Club Grip

The Traxion Wrap Club Grip is all about the looks: a classic leather wrap (old-school style). The GeoSpeed Channels (more technology) give a light, relaxed grip that golf coaches recommend. 

Our verdict: Old-school players and classicists will go crazy over the Traxion Wrap Grip. While we are not purists, we can appreciate its fine qualities.


Cross Comfort Club Grip

The Cross Comfort model has dozens of Xs scored into its polyurethane surface, increasing traction, so there is no slippage, nada, or nothing, which gives us much more confidence.

Our verdict: Any golfer who loves to grip and rip it will love the soft but firm feel.


S-Tech Club Grip

How it’s different: Ask champions Jordan Spieth and Jason Dufner, who choose the SuperStroke S-Tech Grip for its tacky feel and reliable comfort no matter what. The design, the premium rubber compound, and the Cross-Traction surface texture will likely allow the S-Tech to stand up to anything the weather can throw at you.

Our verdict: If you like to keep things on the lowdown and straightforward but without sacrificing performance, the S-Tech Grip is your go-to every time.

S-Tech Club Grip

Photo by David Goldsbury on Unsplash


S-Tech Cord Club Grip

The designers at SSPG USA took the regular S-Tech Grip and added fine fabric strands down the grip’s surface. The added fabric scoops up water, sweat, or any other moisture (blood, spit, and tears) that could get between your hands and a birdie.

Our Verdict: If you’re sweaty, this is for you; if you cry a lot, this is your grip tool, everyone else, read on…


Soft Wrap TC Club Grip

The Soft Wrap TC Club Grip is a wrap-style grip for Millenials and GenZers. The Soft Wrap TC features their ControlTrac rubber composite for the ultimate tackiness, and they need it with their deformed phone text arthritic fingers.

Our verdict: The Soft Wrap TC Grip melts with the hands; if the grip teamed up with Alexa or Suri, it would be the ultimate club grip for young pretenders.

So there you have it: grips that are grippy. Now, let’s do putters that are putty (not literal)…


Best Blade Putters to Buy Right Now

Now is the ideal moment for golfers everywhere to review their gear as 2023, especially the crucial blade putter, comes to a close. In our slightly biased opinion, this vital piece of kit can make or break your performance, so we’ve put together this analysis of the 3 top blade putters available right now.

The Cleveland HB Soft Milled 4, Odyssey Tri Hot 5k Double Wide, and Scotty Cameron Super Select Newport putter are among the options we love here at your Golf Spot HQ.

These exceptional blade putters provide different features and benefits that should help you with control, alignment, and confidence when you need it the most, and that’s a win, my friend.

Best Blade Putters

Photo by Luis Villasmil on Unsplash


Scotty Cameron Super Select Newport 

When you first look at this putter, you see quality (we do, anyway); that impression is confirmed when you place it in your palm. The new SCSSN’s neck design looks fantastic, and the silver dots on the back of the head look saucier than the traditional red.

We like how Scotty Cameron’s designers like to keep his putters basic; no overdesign here. There’s no need to make adjustments because the blade putters look fantastic, and they are a tool you can have for many years – all in all, we give it an impressive 7/10.


Cleveland HB Soft Milled 4 Blade Putter

The HB Soft looks impressive as soon as you remove the putter’s headcover. The main attractions are the meticulous design and construction of the new Soft Line range. Cleveland’s technicians are simply milling the putter’s face and back to improve production efficiency. This lowers waste and costs, transferring to your game if you’re lucky.

Face milling is all about creating a pattern that offers control by regulating the ball speed, and that’s the point, we would say. Choose this club over Cleveland unless you’re from Ohio and play basketball, in which case, go with our choice. We give this club 6/10 – good but not good enough.


The Odessey Triple Wide Tri Hot 5k 

We’re in love with this putter from the first stroke. What’s not to like? The design on this club is a white-hot insert (we don’t know what this is, but we love it anyway), the stiff Odessey Stroke Lab shaft offers more stability than ever, and the newly designed, incredibly comfortable grip is all part of the blade putter unique features.

The putter’s entire design exudes a premium vibe. This is an excellent alternative for golfers as you can purchase different material removable weights to adjust the putter’s balance and swing weight to suit your game.

Odyssey’s Triple Wide Tri Hot 5k putter has a double bend neck and will accommodate your stroke, which is an excellent option if you’re a player who likes this blade shape but needs face balance technology and a stiff shaft (no sniggering at the back, please). The Odessey gets an impressive 8/10 from our team (even Dan).


Our Gripping Conclusion

We love a grippy grip and the best blade putter that does what it’s supposed to, but if we had to put together a holiday or Thanksgiving package, we would go with the Odessey and the Traxion Wrap Club Grip – it’s the boss!

No need to thank us – we’re here to recommend, so check out the best clubs for rookies and the best spikeless golf shoes

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