Swing into Success: Top Golf Balls Perfect for Beginners Guaranteed to Make Your Game

Golf balls are not made the same; the balls made for pros might not suit beginners and vice versa; read our rookie golf ball recommendations and improve your game in just one shot.

You may not think the quality of your golf balls is massively important, but you would be wrong. When choosing your golf balls, there is a lot to consider: your play style, your personal preference, and, of course, your budget. 

For new players, deciding on the most suitable balls is a quandary, considering the cost of some of the best Bridgestone golf balls is more than your monthly mobile phone bill. Thanks to continually evolving technology, all golf ball manufacturers are developing their golf balls to help rookie golfers with their game at price points that won’t make your toes curl.

We have been testing the options on the market right now to help you choose. Significant players like Bridgestone and PXG golf balls have invested in the best technology to maximize distance and designs offering more control. We have investigated and dug deep into some of the currently available best golf balls for beginners and delivered our verdict – it might be balls; our research is the most comprehensive analysis of beginners’ golf balls to date.

Let’s start with Titleist TruFeel golf balls……


Titleist TruFeel Soft Golf Balls For Beginners


The Titleist TruFeel Golf Ball is among the softest in the beginners’ range. Recently, Titleist gave this ball a complete overhaul and revamp. The update means the balls are impressive; the new TruFlex cover and TruTouch core add scope, meaning players get greater distances with a much softer feeling golf ball – no reverberation.

Significantly, for rookie players, the ball had a much lower spin ratio than its predecessor. Lower spin rates mean more robust, consistent golf ball flights and greater distance. Additionally, if you prefer a softer feel on the ground, the Titleist TruFeel is excellent for small chips and approach shots and offers a sufficient amount of stopping power. For overall performance and value for money, the Titleist golf balls are among the best on the market.

Range Golf Ball

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Bridgestone E12 Contact Range Golf Ball

The E12 Contact Range is the ultimate choice for rookie golfers looking to improve their golf game. The E12 Contact Range is the best series of Bridgestone Golf Balls for beginners.

You don’t need to take our word for it; check the science. The new FLEXATIV Cover Technology is a high-tech ball coating with contact force dimple technology. The new FLEXATIV in Bridgestone’s tour series offers better energy transfer and straighter and more potent distances when you use your driver.

The soft FLEXATIV technology helps control spin; the ball repels quickly off the face of the club, which increases ball velocity and increases distance. As all golfers know, with increased friction comes better spin, higher elevation, and greater control on the green.


New PXG Xtreme Premium Best Golf Balls For Beginners

PXG makes premium balls and doesn’t focus on beginners exclusively, and that’s a good thing. The high COR polybutadiene core is created for high-speed performance, and the strong ionomer mantle layer is engineered to increase speed and distance off the tee.

The soft urethane bright white outer cover is designed to offer more spin and control for your approach shots on the rounds, offering durability yet life ability. The 338 dimple pattern is engineered to produce aerodynamic characteristics to maximize distance with a high trajectory.

All this PXG golf balls’ tech isn’t just for beginners; it’s for famous golfers who want to improve their game. After all, you can’t stay at the rookie level forever, and if you do, your motivation may need some investigation.

Titleist TruFeel Golf Ball

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What to Consider When You’re Buying Golf Balls

With so many golf balls for beginners, choosing the best ball for your skill level can be overwhelming. Particularly for rookie players, cutting through the marketing and spin that different brands offer can make you see double. 

There’s little doubt getting the right for your abilities can be a difficult task. Don’t worry; we’ve covered all your questions so you can choose the best balls for your style of play. Below is a list of things you must consider when purchasing your balls. Take a look and keep these points in mind before you buy


Extended Golf Ball Durability 

Regards the beginner golf club set, durability is an essential factor to consider. Cheaper, less robust balls don’t last as long because the cover isn’t high-quality, and they chip or cut up after a few hits. More affordable balls don’t perform as well or for as long as the higher-priced balls available.

You can get durable balls for a reasonable price; look out for golf balls with firm outer covers because they will be less likely to sustain cuts and scrapes. But durability means the hit sound will be hollow and less appealing. If the feel is more important to your game than durability, go for balls with softer covers like the Titleist TruFeel.
golf balls

Long or Short Game Balls?

As a beginner, which aspect of the game is most important to you? Do you want extended reach from your golf ball, or would you prefer one that allows you to flourish in a short game? Are we back to a softball feel, or do you want some yards to your game?

If you want to stick it in the long grass, pick a firm ball as it spins less and won’t veer off if you hit a hook or a slice. For more control on the rough, look for golf balls with a premium feel that will give you more stopping power and make you look like you know what you’re doing. We suggest the Bridgestone E12 Contact Range Golf Ball.


Easy to Find Colored Golf Balls 

Golf balls are no longer white. Instead, they can be yellow, red, pink or green. If you regularly find yourself in the rough and have difficulty seeing your golf ball on the fairways, colored balls may be the answer to help you find your ball in tricky situations. The other positive is if you’re playing with conservative golfers, they won’t steal your balls, especially the pink ones.

We love the Bridgestone E12 Contact Range golf ball series; these balls go well with a new golf bag and glove and, of course, a beginner golf club set.

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