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It’s often said that a good golf swing starts with a good grip and a good grip starts with a quality golf glove that keeps your hands in position throughout the swing.  This article highlights the best golf gloves of 2023 and how they can help you get the best out of your swing.

We all know that golf is an expensive habit.  There are the $500 drivers, $1,000-plus iron sets, and $100 greens fees not to mention the expensive balls, putters, shoes, and bags.  What many forget is what a quality, top-rated golf glove can do to help your game.  Too often we’ll try to stretch out the life of our gloves to the point where they’ll resemble a shabby, overworked dish towel clinging to life while helplessly strapped to our golf bags.

It’s time to put your overworked glove to rest and refresh your stock with one of the best golf gloves on the market today.

What Makes a Rated Golf Glove?

  1. High Quality Material: The golf grip is undeniably crucial to a reliable golf swing and using a golf glove made of high-quality leather can assist in helping you build a proper grip.  Many of the best golf gloves on the market today are made of Cabretta leather which offers an exceptionally soft and grippy surface area to interact with the club.
  2. Durability: Because of their premium leather composition, top-rated golf gloves are typically more durable and last longer than cheaper alternatives that are made of synthetic materials that will break down more quickly.  The best golf glove is one that is built to last several rounds while maintaining its shape, fit, and feel.
  3. Fit: Golf gloves come in several sizes and shapes to fit all hand types.  The best golf gloves will fit snuggly to your hand while leaving you with a full range of motion.
  4. Maximum Feel:  Golf is a game of feel and the more your glove allows your hands to feel in close contact with the club grip and properly feel the weight of the club, the better off you’re going to be.  The best golf gloves allow you to grip the club with a natural feel in your fingers rather than feeling thick or layered.

The Top Rated Golf Gloves of 2023

When shopping for the best golf glove to fit your swing, you’ll likely arrive at some of golf’s most popular brands.  These gloves are used by amateurs and professionals alike and receive rave reviews for their feel, durability, and fit.

TaylorMade Tour Preferred

TaylorMade Tour Preferred

TaylorMade’s Tour Preferred model of golf glove is the company’s signature glove design and is used by the brand’s sponsored PGA Tour professionals.  The Tour Preferred glove features AAA Cabretta Soft Tech leather, a perforated design for breathability, contoured fit wrist lining, stretch tab adjustment, a moisture-wicking wristband, and antimicrobial materials to fight off bacteria.

The TaylorMade Tour Preferred glove is offered in sizes ranging from small to 2XL, comes in both right and left-hand versions, and also in cadet sizing for those with wider palms and shorter fingers.  

The Tour Preferred retails for $24.99 on the TaylorMade website and has been one of the best golf glove models for several years.


FootJoy Pure Touch Limited

FootJoy Pure Touch Limited

The Pure Touch Limited is FootJoy’s highest-quality golf glove and the company positions the glove as being of limited quality due to its exclusive leather specifications and strict manufacturing process.

While the Pure Touch Limited comes in at a premium price point, $35 at most retailers, its combination of high-quality Cabretta leather and well-placed elastic makes it a favorite amongst golfers.

If you visit the reviews of Pure Touch on the FootJoy website, you’ll see countless 5-star reviews from satisfied customers with glowing remarks.  

Best golf glove I’ve ever owned. It’s the only one I will use going forward. Worth the price if going low is important.”

“A little pricey but hands down the best feel available in a glove.”


Titleist Players Glove

Titleist Players Glove

Titleist remains one of the most recognizable brands in golf and you will see many Tour professionals gripping their clubs while wearing a Titleist Players Glove.  Long considered a benchmark for the best golf gloves on the market, the Players glove features premium select Cabretta leather at the thinnest possible leather specification, precisely sewn dual rows of elastic, sturdy velcro, satin reinforcement at cuff and thumb, precise sewing construction and seam placement, and a breathable perforated design.

You can see the Titleist Players Glove being worn by PGA Tour stars like Patrick Cantlay and LIV Tour players like Lee Westwood and Kevin Na.


Callaway Tour Authentic Glove

best golf gloves

The Callaway Tour Authentic glove retails for $23.99 and represents an excellent, attractively priced glove for players seeking high-quality materials with an extra tacky feel for a solid combination of comfort and grip.

With ultra-soft Cabretta leather infused with its proprietary Griptac™ technology, Callaway says the Tour Authentic glove creates a “fit and feel of a second skin fused with optimal grip performance.”  The glove also boasts quick-drying technology and moisture-wicking materials to promote staying dry during warm or rainy rounds.

The Tour Authentic is one of the top-rated golf gloves of 2023 because of Callaway’s commitment to engineering high-quality products that combine performance and durability.



The best golf gloves are those that seamlessly combine high-quality materials, reliable durability, superior fit, and maximum feel.  The models offered by TaylorMade, FootJoy, Titleist, and Callaway that we have highlighted are golf gloves for men on the market because they seamlessly combine these features at price points that will appeal to Famous golfers of all levels and budgets.

So whether you have specific brand loyalty or want to save a few bucks on golf’s recurring costs, consider these options and you’re likely to find a winner.


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