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When it comes to advancements in golf technology much of the talk is centered on the latest clubs and balls and the ways they’ve changed how the game is played, and deservedly so.  Yet, fortunately for us golf fanatics, the golf fashion and golf accessory markets have seen rapid advancements too.  Today, amateur golfers can look the part no matter what the numbers on their scorecard might say after the round.  Golf bags are one area where golfers have a wide universe of options to suit their game and style of play.  Love to walk and carry? Today’s selection of lightweight, ultra-maneuverable golf bags will fit your needs.  Do you need a bag with all the bells and whistles and pockets galore?  Some of the higher-end bags come with options you never imagined needing or wanting.  No matter your specifications, there’s certain to be a solution for you in our list of best golf bags 2023.


Stitch Golf SL2

The Stitch Golf SL2 golf bag is one of the coolest golf bags on the market.  Made with Stitch’s proprietary STITCH® Touring Fabric that has all the aesthetic beauty of leather but in a more durable, performance-driven offering, the SL2 is a great-looking bag.

The SL2 is super lightweight weighing just over 4 pounds and offers a durable, water-resistant solution to get you and your clubs through any round.  Its sleek design features one full-length zipper pocket, a ball and tees pocket, a felt-lined valuables pouch with a zipper, and one insulated drink pock on the exterior of the bag.  Plenty of pockets and storage space for the average golf while not looking bulky or heavy in any way.  The bag also comes with a double-shoulder harness for Famous golfers who prefer to walk and carry but can also be slimmed down to a single strap for easier golf cart use.

The Stitch Golf SL2 also features a four-way divider up top to help you keep your clubs arranged in an efficient manner and a two-legged stand system for easy setting down and picking up.  The SL2 also features a velcro strap to help keep the stand legs locked in tight when not in use which helps make it one of the best golf travel bags we have found.


Stitch Golf

If you’re in the market for a stylish, great-looking golf bag, you cannot go wrong with the SL2.  Stitch’s single-color and two-toned versions will surely earn your compliments when you’re on the course.


Vessel Player IV Stand

Vessel Golf


Vessel’s latest iteration of their best-selling Player Stand bag represents everything you would want in a luxury golf bag without being one of the huge and heavy models that you see being lugged around by PGA Tour caddies.

Made of tour-grade synthetic leather, the Player IV Stand bag comes in two offerings.  One with a six-way club divider and the other with a 14-way club divider.

Vessel Golf

Besides its beautiful handcrafted exterior, the Player IV Stand stakes its claim as one of the best golf bags 2023 with an incredible list of features including a magnetic rangefinder pocket with an internal divider & velour lining, two cooler-lined bottle sleeves with expandable magnetic closure, an insulated cooler pocket, a large garment compartment with interior lock pocket, an exterior valuables pocket with antimicrobial, velour lining, an exterior accessories pocket with waterproof zipper, a velcro glove patch, nine total exterior pockets, and six total interior pockets.

If you show up to the club with a Vessel Player IV Stand in your trunk there’s a very good chance you’ll have the best travel golf bags on the course that day.


Sun Mountain 2.5+ Stand Bag

If you’re in the market for one of the best golf bags around but don’t need all of the accessories of a Vessel, then Sun Mountain might be the answer for you.  Sun Mountain has been producing some of golf’s most reliable and durable stand bags for decades and their latest version of the 2.5+ Stand Bag carries on that trend.  

best golf bag 2023


Per the Sun Mountain website, the 2.5+ stand bag is “designed for the avid walking golfer, the 2.5+ redefines the features that can be offered in an ultralight golf bag. It has contoured, high-density foam shoulder straps for carrying comfort, a roomy, 7.5” top, and six pockets including a beverage pouch. All of this and it still weighs under three pounds.”

Yes, that’s right, under three pounds! You’ll feel like you have a feather strapped to your shoulders as you make your way from green to tee box.  The ultra-lightweight design also makes the 2.5+ one of the best golf travel bags on the market as it will give you plenty of room and weight to spare when packing up your club travel case for your next golf trip.


Titleist Premium Stand Bag

It’s hard to think of a more iconic golf brand than Titleist and that reputation stems from the quality of their products.  Go to any golf course and you’re sure to see Titleist balls, bags, and clubs all around.  Coming in at just over six pounds, the Titleist Premium Stand Bag appeals to the golfer who prefers to take a cart over walking.  

Modeled after their Tour Bag which is used by many players on the PGA Tour, the Premium Stand Bag is a mix of quality, class, and durability.  While there are no frills in the Premium Stand Bag, its craftsmanship is second to none and delivers everything you would expect from a Titleist product.


Which are the Best Golf Bags for You?

Your needs will dictate which is the best golf bags 2023 for you.  

Do you tend to walk most of your rounds?  If so, something in the ultra-lightweight category like the Sun Mountain 2.5+ Stand Bag is a great companion on the course and one of the best travel golf bags we have found.  Do you treat your golf bag like half storage unit, half convenience store?  If that sounds like you, the Vessel Player IV Stand bag has plenty of compartments, pockets, and storage to get you through your round while conveniently carrying everything you might need.  Do you want your best golf bags 2023 to make a statement?  The Stitch Golf SL2 is gorgeous and one of the coolest golf bags you’ll find anywhere.

Your swing and your clubs still need to do most of the work but having the Best golf bags sure doesn’t hurt.


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