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Need new golf shoes? Need to know about the best golf shoes for walking? Yes? Read this article before you buy anything – you can thank us later.

In the words of Forest Gump, “Those must be the most comfortable golf shoes; I bet you could walk all day in shoes like those and not feel a thing.” Admittedly, he wasn’t talking about golf shoes, but with the selection of golf shoes now widely available, he just as well could have been.

People (non-golfers) often ask, “Do you really need golf shoes? Why can’t you play in sneakers?” The answer is threefold. Wearing golf shoes can improve your connection with the ground, offering more grip and allowing you to generate more power through your legs and body rotation. 

The best men’s golf shoes offer a better stance, leading to greater distance when hitting the ball. Additionally, better grip through shoes with spikes provides increased stability, resulting in more consistent ball striking, better ball flight, and more success hitting green and fairways within regulation.

Equally, women should not wear men’s golf shoes. The best women’s golf shoes are made specifically for a woman’s physique, considering the biological differences between the sexes. Women’s golf shoes are balanced differently because of the female anatomy,

Women’s hips are wider, not as high on the body, and shallower from front to back – these factors all make a difference to walking and running styles and, in turn, golfing styles.

Finally, most clubs won’t allow you to wear anything but proper golf shoes on the fairway. So, as these are compelling reasons to swap your sneakers for the most comfortable golf shoes, here are some more tips to help you choose.

Discover the ultimate blend of comfort and performance with our selection of the best golf shoes for walking. Engineered to provide unparalleled support during your rounds, these shoes boast premium materials and innovative designs to ensure your feet stay comfortable from the first tee to the final hole. Whether you’re navigating challenging terrain or simply enjoying a leisurely stroll on the course, these golf shoes will elevate your game while keeping your feet happy. Say goodbye to discomfort and hello to an enjoyable golfing experience with our top picks for the most comfortable golf shoes.


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Golf Shoes: Size Matters

Without a doubt, the essential factor when choosing the perfect pair of golf shoes is the fit. Purchasing the correct size and fit could be the difference between winning and losing, and that’s not an exaggeration.

Wearing the wrong size golf shoes causes foot and leg pain; after all, you might walk between 13,000 and 18,000 steps per game, and that’s a lot of ground to cover if you’re in pain. Not to mention that the best golf shoes for walking will wear out faster because your foot isn’t equally balanced in the shoe. But how do you know what size to buy? Ask a professional!

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Ask a Professional about Golf Shoe Fitting

Just like back in the school days when your mom took you to be fitted for school shoes, you should seek a professional to measure your feet, especially if you’re buying your first pair of the most comfortable golf shoes.

A professional fitting includes measuring the length and width of your foot, taking into account how you walk (your gait) to ensure the fit consists of some space, approximately half an inch from your longest toe to the top of your shoe, and the eyelets are about a thumbs width apart when laced up.

Walking around in the best golf shoes for walking is a good idea before you commit to your purchase; golf shoes are an investment, so you must make sure you’re happy with them before you part with your cash.


Listen for the Golf Shoe Eureka Moment

The eureka moment or the whoosh test is about volume – does your foot fit the shoe properly? The test will tell you that, so here’s how it works. Put your foot into the shoe, and as you do it, listen out for a noise of air displacement or ‘whoosh.’ 

The nose indicates that your foot displaces all the air by filling the shoe. If you don’t hear it and you can’t shout ‘eureka,’ your foot is probably too small for the shoe. Similarly, if you need to force the shoe on, this isn’t right either.

Now you know all about the fit, the next choice is all about style.

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Style it Out: The Best Golf Shoe Ever

Golf shoes appeared on the market in 1857 through a publication called The Golfer’s Manual’ Here, golf enthusiasts were advised to wear shoes with rough soles that feature nails or sprigs (these were not comfortable shoes). Then came golf shoes with screw-in spikes, and these were no better.

As golf gained popularity, the desire to meet the need for proper golf shoes fell to A.G. Spalding of Scotland. Spalding made golf shoes called ‘Saddle Oxfords.’ A shoe with a rough sole that was reinforced with a panel of leather in the middle of the foot to help support the golfer’s feet.

The style of golfing shoes hasn’t changed much in over 100 years. The spikes changed from metal to plastic in the 1990s. 2010, and the spikes disappeared altogether thanks to Fred Couples and his Ecco Golf Street shoes. To say they didn’t have a rough sole would be disingenuous; they had a ridged plastic sole rather than spikes.

Couples changed the style of professionals’ golf shoes in one fell swoop and became the first unintentional golfing influencers to sway the public’s choice and change what they bought. Celebrity endorsements are big business for both the golfer and the manufacturer.


Tiger Loves Frank

Tiger Woods loves ‘Frank’ TW20s; the Franks are custom fitted with Champ Pro Stinger steel spikes. While Patrick Cantlay, nicknamed ‘Sheldon,’ wears FootJoy Dry-Joys golf shoes. In comparison, John Rahm is all about the Cuater Ringer shoe, which features the SweetSpot Cushioning System. The celebs are offered new golf shoes for every tournament; they are mostly FOC. The manufacturers know that if a star player is wearing their golf shoes, those shoes will sell out. So, a few freebies are part of the marketing process.

The choice of golf shoes is vast; as long as you buy proper golf shoes and have them professionally fitted (at least your first pair), you can’t go wrong. However, it’s worth remembering that you get what you pay for.

The most comfortable golf shoes have been made using the best technology and material, often resulting in a better product. One of the main reasons the best golf shoes are expensive is because they generally have a waterproof guarantee built in. 

If you think about it, golf is a sport you play in all weathers, so shoes must be waterproof. Mid-range shoes are often water-resistant, which is fine if you only play once in a blue moon. If you’re a keen golfer, your footwear must be waterproof; otherwise, it’s a false economy.  

Finding the best golf shoes is about more than style; it’s practicality too – after all, no one wants trench foot after a morning on the course, do they?


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