High Handicap Golfers Need to Find Best Balls to Help Build Strong Foundation

Learning how to play golf is a humbling experience for an athlete of any experience level. While every sport has different idiosyncrasies that one must learn, golf combines many elements that players must learn about themselves and the equipment. One can’t just go and buy a beginner golf club set and be on their way.

Many golfers will start with a high handicap and try to chip away at that number as they gain more experience. A golf handicap measures the difference between the total golf par and the average number of strokes a golfer completes over ten games. Golfers with a lower handicap tend to be better golfers.

Here’s what golfers need to look out for when buying balls for their first rounds on the course. Knowing what tools to play golf is important for golfers at every level. While some people play just to get out of the house and stretch their legs, others are in the game to compete in tournaments to try and earn bragging rights.

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Consider Expenses of Each Model

Golf isn’t an inexpensive sport to play. When it comes to finding the best golf ball for high handicaps, that is important to keep in mind. The last thing beginners want to do is to buy a ball meant for professionals or highly experienced players at a high price.

When high-handicap players buy expensive balls, they risk losing money if they can’t control the balls they hit and end up losing them. What golfers with high handicaps want to look for are golf models that feature softer compression cores. These types of balls benefit players who don’t swing as quickly as others.

These balls are designed to maximize distance and control. There are plenty of these types of balls available on the market. The important thing for golfers is to figure out what ball they feel the most comfortable with and to avoid the frustration that can come from learning a new sport. Here are a few different types of balls to consider.  


Callaway Supersoft Golf Balls Offer Strong Value

Callaway Supersoft golf balls are among the best golf balls for beginners. What makes these balls a good fit is their value — a box often costs around $25, about half as much as name-brand products — and the title is an appropriate way to describe the ball. These balls are two-piece golf balls, which means they have a large core inside the outer shell. That core helps make the ball among the best golf balls for beginners

The ball also has a soft feel when you hit it. Certain balls with more technology can feel like hitting a rock. This has a closer feel to a more expensive ball than a cheap one. Callaway also has a hexagon dimple design that is more aerodynamic than the balls with circle dimples.      


Bridgestone Has Several Options

The Bridgestone line of balls has two balls suitable for high-handicap golfers. The e6 and e12 Contact are both made for golfers who are looking to improve their game. They are both thought of as some of the best golf balls for high-handicap golfers.

The e12 Contact has what Bridgestone Golf describes as FLEXATIV cover technology and contact force dimples to create 46 percent more surface contact. Being able to make more contact will allow golfers to have a more efficient energy transfer and produce a longer, straighter distance with a driver.

The FLEXATIV cover also helps control spin and helps create more velocity to generate more distance. The e6 ball also has a softer and larger core to help with faster compression and to create a longer distance off the tee. With the e6 ball, Bridgestone offset the larger core by putting a surlyn cover on the ball that provides better spin.

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Vice Tour Provides Strong Product

The Vice Tour ball has enough features to help provide high-handicap golfers with an additional edge. The Vice ball is a three-piece construction. The Vice ball has 312 dimples, which help cut down on resistance through the air and increase the path of the ball when it is in the air. Vice also improved its keep-in-line alignment line to make it more visible and longer.

Having that visual cue will help golfers be more accurate and be able to putt with confidence. Vice also helps come through with saving golfers on cost. They encourage people to buy in bulk to help get a better deal on price.


Noodle Long and Soft Provides Value Ball

TaylorMade bought the Noodle name but is still producing some of the best low-cost balls for beginning golfers. Noodle Long and Softballs are good for high-handicap golfers because they are easy to compress. People with slow swings will be able to utilize their pace and still be able to hit a strike that will travel down the center with a solid distance.

The Noodle Long and Soft ball has a 342 dimple pattern that is built to keep the ball from drifting down the fairway and will make players feel more comfortable that they will have more control over their shots in the short game. This is a two-piece golf ball.

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Titleist Velocity Has Plenty of Solid Features

The Titleist Velocity ball has mostly all the bases covered for high-handicap golfers. In addition to some different features to help the ball travel better, they made the ball easy to find. In addition to white, the ball comes in matte orange, green and blue. As far as the ball itself, the 350 dimple design produces a high ball flight.

The LSX core was designed to make the ball faster and allow for more distance. The NAZ+ outer cover helps with enhancing a full swing speed and greenside spin. The ball is designed, much like many balls for high-handicap golfers, to bring more distance for new golfers.

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