Fitting in at the Clubs – Should You Get Fitted for Golf Clubs?

Is getting fitted for golf clubs worth it? This is one of the most frequently asked questions in the golfing world. Many people believe that experienced golfers should get suited. However, contrary to popular belief, getting fitted when just beginning to play golf has a lot of advantages. The benefits and drawbacks of getting fit as a novice are discussed in this article, along with an explanation of club fitting, and that is where we will start.

Golf club fitting is the process of customizing golf clubs to suit a player’s individual swing characteristics, body measurements, and playing style. Fitters use various tools and techniques to assess factors such as club length, lie angle, shaft flex, grip size, and clubhead design to optimize performance and enhance consistency on the course. A proper club fitting can lead to improved accuracy, distance, and overall enjoyment of the game.


What is Club Fitting?

Undoubtedly, you’ve heard of a shoe fitting. A garment fitting has probably even been mentioned to you. But how does a golf club fitting work, though? Does a tailor take your measurements with a tape measure as they emerge from the back room? Do they fling clubs your way and instruct you to swing them? No. What exactly is a golf club fitting, then? An expert helps a beginner golf club set perfectly matched to their swing during a golf club fitting. 


Every golfer has a different swing, and a club fitter’s role is not to attempt to change it. Two critical aspects of each golf swing should be considered: the center of the clubface strike and the dynamic face angle of the club at impact (raw face angle plus lie angle). The dynamic face angle will always affect whether or not the ball is struck with the center of the face, and the combination of the two will determine how well the shot goes. As a result, these two factors are closely related and are what your club fitter will assess to provide recommendations. 


The Pros

There is a lot of discussion among golfers when it comes to fitted clubs, with many asking the question Should I get fitted for golf clubs?‘ While many devoted golfers vouch for the service, an equal number question Why get fitted for golf clubs?’ However, according to our expertise, getting your golf clubs fitted has significant benefits for both amateurs and professionals. The following are the top advantages of having your clubs fitted.

Better Understanding The process of getting fitted for golf clubs can aid in improving your knowledge of your game and biomechanics’ role in choosing the right clubs for you.

young golfer hitting shot

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Grows Confidence Confidence is one of the most significant benefits of fitted golf clubs. Having confidence in the clubs you are using can alter how you play the game. The psychological aspect of golf can be enhanced by knowing that your clubs were specifically made for you and to fit your swing.


Helps Your Game Making sure you have clubs in your hands that “match your physical measurements, your strength, your stance, and your method of swing” is the main goal and benefit of a personalized golf club fitting. As a result, your odds of hitting the center of the clubface and maximizing how far and straight your mishits travel will rise. In other words, a custom fitting aims to inform you of the clubs that will most benefit you when things don’t go exactly as planned rather than when they do.


Long-Term Investment Long-term investment opportunities exist with custom-fit golf clubs. Golfers who take the time to get their clubs custom-fitted are likelier to play the sport consistently over time. This is because golfers can continue to enjoy the game and produce more outstanding outcomes while using properly suited clubs. On the other hand, golfers who ask Should I get fit for golf clubs’ and who use improperly fitted clubs are more likely to feel frustrated and uncomfortable while playing and may even decide to give up the sport altogether.


The Cons

To give a true reflection of your opinion, I firmly believe that you have to highlight the downsides of something to offer an educated answer. There are always two sides to an argument, after all. Therefore, although I will conclude this post with my opinion, you, the reader, will be in a better position to make up your mind by knowing both sides of the argument.

Can Be Confusing – One of the drawbacks to having clubs fitted is the conflicting advice you receive from several expert fitters. Each fitter has a unique background and may believe you might benefit from using a particular piece of equipment. This further complicates the problem, leaving you in the same position as before you began.
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Are they Accurate – Every golfer on the earth can hit a stunning, flawless shot from the center of the club face. However, we can move a few inches over and hit one out of bounds. The majority of shots fall in this range. How is it possible to expect a fitting to be perfect with this degree of variation?



As you can see, the pros outweigh the cons, so you should get a golf club fitting. Most people would mention things like keeping your left arm straight or your head down if asked to name the principles of golf. There are undoubtedly a couple of them, but one of the game’s most crucial elements occurs before you even set foot on the course: a set of personalized clubs. While many modest golfers argue that they aren’t good enough to worry about customizing each club in their bag, it is a proven fact that using a club without the correct length, loft/lie angles, shaft flex, and weight will lead to overcompensation and prevent golfers from developing the proper form.

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Even the world’s top golfers constantly seek ways to enhance their skills. Without a set of correctly fitted clubs, a golfer’s swing and mechanical adjustments might not produce the desired results. In all sports, not just golf, playing with inappropriate equipment may derail the most gifted athletes in the world. The fact that more than half of golfers today haven’t had their clubs properly fitted means that even while they are playing to the best of their physical ability, they are missing out on opportunities to improve their scores on the course because of their clubs.

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