The Best Golf Carts of 2023: Features, Benefits, and Recommendations for Golfers

Golf carts have come a long way since their humble beginnings as utility vehicles for golf course maintenance staff. They’re now sleek, efficient, and often luxurious, with cutting-edge technology and exciting features! Finding the right golf cart can be challenging with the options available. Having the right golf equipment complements your game and boosts your enjoyment too. We’ll review everything you should know about the best golf carts, including golf cart roofs and seats. Let’s jump right in.

Golf Cart Roofs

The roof of your golf cart is vital to its usefulness and function. A well-built golf cart roof protects you from the rain and sun, so you can enjoy your ride around the course. The three main types of golf cart roofs are hard-top, soft-top, and retractable. We’ll look at them in more detail below.

  • Hard-top roofs

Hard-top roofs offer protection from the elements while you’re playing They’re built from durable materials such as fiberglass. If you frequently play in bad conditions, a hard-top roof is perfect. They’re more costly than soft-top roofs and their rigid build limits headroom, but they’re often more comfortable and practical.

  • Soft-Top Roofs

Soft-top roofs are made from flexible materials like vinyl or canvas. They provide some protection from the sun and rain. They’re normally cheaper than hard-top roofs and can be easily replaced if they get damaged. Soft-top roofs typically weigh less, so the handling and performance of the golf cart are better. However, their material may deteriorate over time, especially if they’re regularly used in bad weather.

  • Retractable Roofs

The best qualities of hard-top and soft-top roofs are often combined in retractable roofs. They’re retractable and durable while offering protection from the elements. Retractable roofs are practical and simple to use because they can be operated manually or electronically. They may, however, cost more, and professional installation may be necessary, raising the price further.

Golf Cart Seats

A comfortable seat is critical, so you can enjoy your ride without experiencing any discomfort or back pain. The 3 different types of golf cart seats—bucket, bench, and swivel—will be examined below, and the most comfortable type will be determined.

  • Bucket Seats

Individual seats called bucket seats are made to offer good lumbar support. They’re ideal for golfers who want a sporty-looking cart. They’re made of quality materials like vinyl or leather. Bucket seats are perfect for long rides because they provide excellent back, leg, and neck support. Additionally, they’re lightweight, which can enhance the golf cart’s performance and handling. For those who require more space or are larger than average, they might not be suitable.

  • Bench Seats

Bench seats are large and flat and can seat two or three people. They’re ideal for families or groups of friends who want to ride together. Usually made of fabric or vinyl, bench seats are extremely comfortable. They provide good neck, leg, and back support, and everyone has plenty of room thanks to their wide design. Bench seats are also inexpensive and can be easily replaced or repaired if they become damaged. They might not be appropriate for people who prefer individual seating or who require more lumbar support, though.

  • Swivel Seats

Golf cart seats with swivels are a relatively recent addition. Passengers can face any direction because they can rotate 360 degrees. For golfers who want to take in the scenery or watch other players, swivel seats are ideal. They provide excellent lumbar support and are typically made of high-quality materials like leather or vinyl. Swivel seats can be adjusted to suit personal preferences and are also very comfortable. They might cost more than other golf cart seats, though, and their rotating mechanism might need regular upkeep.

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Buyer’s Guide: How to Choose the Best Golf Cart for Your Needs

  • Think about your golf course

The best golf course you’ll be playing on should be your priority when purchasing a golf cart. It’s important to check with the course before making your purchase because some golf courses have strict rules regarding the kinds of golf carts that are permitted. Golf carts may only be permitted with electric power on some courses while gas power is permitted on others. The size of the golf course must also be taken into account because larger courses may call for golf carts with greater power.

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  • Determine your budget

Knowing how much you have to spend on a golf cart will inform which models you can afford. Golf is an expensive sport. After buying clubs, a bag, shoes, golf shirts, pants, balls, and membership, you still need to pay per round you play. This expense isn’t helped by the high costs of golf carts. Decide how much you can afford and buy the best cart within that budget.

  • Consider your cargo needs

It’s crucial to take your cargo needs into account if you intend to use your golf cart for activities other than just playing golf. Some golf carts have a rear seat that can accommodate passengers or extra golf bags, while others have a utility bed that can accommodate heavier loads. Choose a golf cart that can meet your needs by taking into account how you intend to use it.

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  • Analyze the climate and terrain

Climate is an important consideration when buying golf gear, not just for your golf shoes and shirts, but also for your cart. When choosing a cart, consider the terrain and climate of the area. For example, if you’ll be playing on a hilly course, consider a golf cart with sturdy tires and brakes. Choosing a cart based on your specific course means you can enjoy the experience more and get the most use from your cart.

Top Golf Carts of 2023: A Comprehensive Review

Below, we’ll review the top golf carts of 2023, looking at the ins and outs of each so you can find the best model for your preferences and needs.

  • Club Car Onward

Both beginners and pros alike favor Club Car Onward. It has a fashionable appearance and comes in several models, including a lifted and a four-passenger version. For those looking for a dependable golf cart, the Club Car Onward is a great choice due to its exceptional performance and longevity. Additionally, it offers a variety of customizable features, such as different seat colors and materials.

  • Yamaha Drive2

The Yamaha Drive2 is a strong, effective golf cart that provides a quiet, comfortable ride. You can choose between a gas and electric model. This cart has a comfortable seat, a USB port, and an adjustable steering wheel. It’s well-suited for both beginners and pros and comes in a variety of models, including a four-passenger model and a lifted model.


The EZGO RXV is a tough and adaptable golf cart with a stellar reputation for performance. It’s available as a gas and electric, with the electric model being the most popular. Even on rough terrain, the EZGO RXV’s sophisticated suspension system offers a comfortable and smooth ride. You can choose from a few custom features, including seat colors and materials.

  • Cushman Hauler

A robust golf cart made for business use is called the Cushman Hauler. It’s well-known for its exceptional durability and dependability and is offered in gas and electric models. The Cushman Hauler is designed to haul heavy loads because it has a strong frame and strong engine. It also has several customizable features, including different cargo bed sizes and materials.

  • Star EV Classic

For both pros and amateurs, the Star EV Classic golf cart is a great choice. It has a retro-inspired design and comes in several models, including a lifted and a four-passenger version. For those looking for a dependable and fashionable golf cart, the Star EV Classic is ideal due to its high performance and durability. Additionally, it offers a variety of customizable features, such as different seat colors and materials.
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The best cart for you comes down to your needs, budget, and preferences. You’ll find plenty of options, so you’ll find something that suits you. The golf carts we included above are reliable, durable, comfortable, and perform well over various golf course terrain, so you can’t go wrong by choosing any of them. We hope you now feel better armed to make a purchasing decision.

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