Revolutionize Your Game with Bridgestone Golf Balls – Unmatched Distance and Accuracy From the Tee

Bridgestone Golf Balls offer superior quality, so says Shōjirō Ishibashi. Find out how and why Bridgestone makes golf balls that go the distance.

Bridgestone says it’s the global market leader because it has an unmatched commitment to research and development in the rubber industry using unmatched polymer science technologies. So, we thought we would take Bridgestone Golf Balls for a spin and see if they compare to other Tour Championship golf ball brands.

Is the Bridgestone promise of superior quality just spin, or are they the best golf balls for beginners? Are all balls made equally, or is it just ball? We will answer these questions, but first, some history.


History – Bridgestone Golf Balls

Bridgestone was established by Shōjirō Ishibashi in 1931. He was a golf fanatic; however, his business made tires, not golf balls. At that time, Bridgestone Corporation was the world’s largest maker of tires, based in Kurume, Fukuoka, Japan.

Bridgestone Golf is a division of the Bridgestone Corporation, and Bridgestone Golf is the brand name for Bridgestone’s golfing range, including golf balls. Bridgestone has been producing golfing products since 1935. 

Bridgestone Golf produces high-quality clubs, balls, and accessories. Along with Bridgestone’s experience in rubber and polymer science technologies, golf balls became a logical choice of diversification for the Bridgestone Corporation, leading Bridgestone to claim the title of the ‘number one golf ball producer in Japan.’ 

The design and production of its award-winning golf clubs followed in 1972, following the same principles and passion for excellence, putting Bridgestone at the top of the leaderboard in today’s marketplace. 

Bridgestone enjoys global coverage of its golfing products, sponsoring tour championships in the US, Australia, and Korea with Bridgestone Golf USA and Bridgestone Golf Australia.

Now you know the background, let’s look at the products and see if  Bridgestone golf balls are revolutionary or if it’s just hype!

Bridgestone Golf Australia

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Bridgestone golf balls – Tour Series 

The new ‘Tour Ball’ collection boasts REACTIV iQ technology, which sounds impressive, but what does it mean? According to Bridgestone, REACTIVE iQ is a “‘smart’ cover technology that reacts on impact to cover more distance, rebounding fast on tee shots, delivering explosive speed and increased distance.

Tour BX offers explicitly more control, staying on the face of the ball longer on approach shots, delivering more spin and a soft feel on the round. The aerodynamic dual dimple design provides an efficient trajectory and reduces drag.

The Tour BX design suits players who want additional distance on swing speeds over 105 MPH. Here’s the verification if you need it – Matt Kuchar and Jason Day use Bridgestone Tour series balls in professional competition.


Tiger Woods and Bridgestone Tour BXS

The BXS ball has REACTIV iQ technology and claims to deliver increased speed at maximum distance off the tee because of a soft feel that Increases spin control on approach shots. Legend has it that Tiger Woods assisted in developing the Tour BXS golf ball and uses them on Tour championships.

Again, the Tour B RXS balls suit players who want additional distance on swing speeds over 105 MPH. Other players who love this range are Fred Couples (Tour B RXS) and Lexi Thompson (Tour B RX). 


The E12 Contact Range Golf Ball

Bridgestone says the E12 Contact Range is ‘the ultimate choice for golfers looking to improve their game.’ We agree that the E12 Contact Range is the best golf balls for beginners.

The FLEXATIV Cover Technology (another form of ball coating using science) and the contact force dimple technology used in the Tour Series result in better energy transfer and more extended, straighter distances using your driver.

The soft FLEXATIV technology helps control spin, repelling quickly off the club face, increasing ball velocity over a greater distance. As all golfers (even beginners know), with increased friction, you get better spin and control on the green.

Here’s the good news: the E12 Contact Range comes in white, matte red, matte green, and flat yellow colors – we love a colored ball: easier to find in the rough.

Richard Stott

Photo by Richard Stott on Unsplash


E9 Long Drive Golf Ball Offers an Aerodynamic 330-Dimple Cover 

Co-developed with the World Long Drive Association, the E9 features’ Extreme Gradational Core’ technology. The E9 is a long-drive golf ball that delivers extreme distance, maximizing your power on every shot. 

The E9 has a verified faster outer region that increases ball speed with a soft inner area, providing flawless spin control and consistent ball flight to give you the edge on the course. 

We experienced the difference with the E9 golf ball and can confirm the hype is real. It is also available in white, a high visibility yellow, orange, and my choice, pink.

Photo by Mike Cox on Unsplash


Other Golf Balls in the Bridgestone Range 

While we’ve covered the Tour Series and the E Series in depth, it’s worth mentioning the Laddie Extreme, Precept Powerdrive, and golf balls made for female players – the Lady Precept.

All the golf balls in every range are made with the latest technology and quality materials. Golf ball design is specific, so it’s worth investing in the right tools for the job, including clubs, especially if you’re a beginner, and other accessories that can make a difference to your game.

Focusing on the Laddie Extreme, the ball offers enhanced leverage using ‘Muscle-Fiber Core’ technology to offer long distances off the driver launch high even with a low spin. The Laddie Extreme has a soft feel from its ‘Touch N’ Control’ tough synthetic ethylene-based thermoplastic resins that contain cross-links cover to provide a fantastic feel from tee to green.

If all that science makes your head spin, then all that’s left is to conclude. We agree that Bridgestone Golf Balls are pukka and worth the money. After all, you don’t get nearly a hundred years in the cut-throat world of gold if your products are not top-notch.                                  

If we had one minor niggle – the lady’s balls are just balls – yes, give me pink all day long, but a special range? Lexi Thompson might disagree; I will ask her the next time we’re on the round.

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