Where is Tiger When We Need Him? A PGA No Show

Tiger Woods tee time will not play this year’s PGA tour; they were the headlines, but this is not the whole story. Someone has spotted the 82-time PGA tour winner with clubs in hand, feet on the turf with his caddie following on. Our golf spies have reported that Tiger Woods news has returned to golf five months after withdrawing from the Tiger Woods news because of injury. 

Woods has only played twice in 2023, the first time at the Genesis Invitational at The Riviera Country Club in March and then again at the Tiger Woods Masters in April. However, Woods has enjoyed many successful weeks at The Augusta National Golf Club in the past, winning three Greenjackets. 

After battling to cut, the Tiger Woods Masters edition was a significant setback. Injury forced Woods to withdraw from the championship. The 47-year-old’s team later stated about an ankle injury and said Woods would undergo immediate surgery.

Tiger Woods, a legendary figure in golf, tees off for the Masters tournament. Watch as he navigates the challenging course, showcasing his unmatched skill and determination on the greens. Don’t miss the chance to witness history in the making as Tiger Woods takes on the Masters.


Tiger Wood Shy’s Away From Public Life

For the remainder of the year, up until now, Woods has remained out of the public eye. The love him or hate him player has been plagued with injuries. From severe damage to his right leg in a car accident in 2021 right through to this year and the disastrous withdrawal in round three at Augusta.

Because this is the second withdrawal in the space of four events, questions are being raised about what will happen going forward. Many have called for his retirement, while others delight in any misfortune that might befall Tiger Woods tee time.


Tiger Woods Tee Time Day Out

Seven months after his most recent injury, the 15-time major champion is back playing golf for the first time, photographed taking to the range at Liberty National Golf Course in New Jersey alongside fellow PGA players Will Zalatoris and Rickie Fowler. Fowler and Zalatoris hold consecutive rankings at 25 and 26, while Woods ranks at 1,206.  

This outing may have just been a puttabout, a recreational day out, and nothing more than that. Or this could be a signal that Woods is on the return. Pundits suggest that the next chance Woods plays may be late in 2023 (Nov 30 – Dec 3, 2023) at the Hero World Challenge (HWC) and PNC Championship, but nothing is certain. Although, as HWC is Woods’ event, it seems unlikely he will miss it.

PNC Championship

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Why Do People Dislike Tiger Woods? 

Tiger Woods is the most talented golfer of all time. You can disagree with that, but the fact is he’s a talented golfer. So why the haters? Woods’ behavior hasn’t always impressed fans; for instance, handing Justin Thomas a tampon while on the green is ridiculous and insulting to female golfers. Was he suggesting Thomas played like a girl? Or that periods and tampons indicate weakness? Either way, it’s puerile and hands the haters even more reason to dislike Woods.

While Woods publicly apologized, saying he didn’t mean to upset anyone, famous golfers don’t routinely walk about with tampons in their pockets. Others say his affair, cheating on his then-wife, Ellen Nordegren, left a bad taste and labeled him untrustworthy. If you were in Tiger Woods’ golf shoes, you might choose a little humility – maybe?

Fans say Woods is not approachable and seems to have beef with Phil Mickelson. What’s more, Woods has a DUI (driving under the influence) mark against him; on top of that, he is probably guilty of unsportsmanlike conduct – not probably, almost certainly. So it’s unsurprising that his reputation has been questioned – or…

Is it that people like to let others down, especially those who have ‘made it’? Tiger Woods is just another man in the public arena who hasn’t behaved as he should. Did he ask himself, ‘What would my mother say if she knew,’ probably not; otherwise, he may have made better decisions.

Best Golf Ball

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Will Tiger Woods Tee Time Join the LIV Golf Series?

It was reported in June 2023 that Woods turned down more than $700 m to join the LIV golf tour to stay loyal to the PGA. In August of this year, Woods joined the PGA Tour advisory board and publicly defended the ‘outdated practices’ that some LIV golfers talk about as regards the PGA Tour. This is about principles rather than cash.

Woods says he won’t join Abraham Ancer (46), Martin Kaymer, or Sergio Garcia (319). With only Kaymer (1715) ranking lower than Woods, Wood should be worried, but just like the old pro he is, he is not concerned. 

At last year’s Open Championship, Woods said (paraphrased for plagiarism purposes): “What are these players doing for guaranteed money? What is the incentive to practice? What motivates you to go out there and earn it in the sand? You’re just getting paid a lot of money upfront, playing a few events, and only 54 holes.”

He continued, “I can understand 54 holes is a mandate when you get on a veterans tour. But when you’re at this young age and some of these kids, they are kids who have gone from amateur golf into that organization, 72-hole tests are part of it and should remain that way”.

There’s little doubt that Woods thinks LIV is a ‘dumbing down’ stating about rookie players, “the LIV series doesn’t get global ranking points, so the championships change their criteria for entering the event, which means we don’t get the best players.” So, he’s not a fan of the LIV series; that’s one thing we know.

Tiger Woods news

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Should Tiger Woods Retire?

Has anyone considered the possibility that Woods is sick of golf? Is it Tiger Woods tee time or tea time? Indeed, in an interview about LIV golf in June 2022, his manner was downbeat and his opinion scathing. So maybe now is the time for this controversial player to hang up his clubs and do something else; after all, he is a billionaire+, one of the 11% wealthiest people in the world.

So where do 46-year-old golfers go when they want a change of scene, WWE? Now that’s a show we want to see. Or a trip to any of the Trump International Golf Course, where all old golfer’s careers go to die, so if you see him on the green at the Doral Golf Club, Florida, you know the end is nigh.

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