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No club in the golf bag garners as much spirited debate and consideration as the putter.  The flat stick.  The Texas wedge.  The money maker.  A golfer can hit their driver, woods, irons, and wedges as well as they want but the best putters 2023 ultimately decide the quality of a round.  

The numbers show that the putter is often used the most of any club in the golf bag by a wide margin.  Consider the above-average golfer who, on average, shoots a score of 80 on their home course.  Let’s assume that the player two-putts most holes but is known to have the occasional three-putt somewhere in their round.  In shooting their score of 80, the player has likely used their putter on somewhere between 36 and 40 of their strokes.  Just about 50% of their shots came with the putter so no wonder the club evokes such strong discussion.

Historically, the blade putter with its slim, flat, and elongated design has been considered the “classic” golf putter because of their timeless, traditional appearance.  However, in the last 20 years or so the variation in putter clubhead design has widened and it’s now quite common to see amateurs and pros alike carrying mallet and half-mallet style putters in their bags.

This article will highlight the best blade putters in 2023 and what golfers say in support of blades in the spirited blade vs mallet putters debate


Blade Putter Features

The blade putter is probably the most minimalistic of all golf clubs with a very simple design and features.  It’s the first club we think of when the word “golf” comes to mind.  Maybe because it’s the first club we held as a kid, or the rounds of miniature golf during family vacations, or the club of choice for the makeshift putting green set up in the office or basement.  Whatever the reason, the blade putter is a symbolic golf club.

In the blade vs mallet putter conversation, blades are typically the preferred putter for golfers who prioritize distance control and accuracy on longer distance putts.  Both of these qualities are critical in the quest for consistent two-putts, superior lag putting, and avoiding the dreaded, round-killing three-putt.

Typically designed with a heavy toe-weighting, blade putters are best suited for players with an arc in their putting stroke as opposed to a straight back, straight-through path. In comparison to their mallet putter counterpart, blade putters are generally considered to be less forgiving because of their relatively smaller sweet spot.

Blade putters also come with various neck styles, backings, and alignment features to suit any golfer’s preference.


The Best of The Blades in 2023

Many club manufacturers are known for having particularly loyal followings when it comes to certain types of clubs and the best, most sought-after blade putters in golf are no different.


Titleist Scotty Cameron Super Select Newport

Titleist’s Scotty Cameron line of putters isn’t just one of the most iconic names in putting, the Cameron brand is one of the most recognized names in golf.

With its timeless design and precision construction, the Newport blade putter is used by countless Tour pros and is widely considered one of the best blade putters on the market.  The Super Select Newport is precision milled in the United States from 303 stainless steel, has a solid face, misted stainless steel finish, adjustable performance sole weights milled from raw tungsten, and includes the line’s new textured Pistolini Plus grip.

The Newport’s face construction and technology deliver an unmatched feel and make it the perfect putter for players seeking a high level of responsiveness.


Odyssey White Hot OG

White Hot OG


Odyssey has been one of the best-known names in putters for decades and their White Hot line of blade putters have been a long-time favorite.  The Odyssey White Hot OG features a urethane insert that offers the desired combination of a soft feel and superior speed control.  

The White Hot OG comes with a traditional blade design with a crank hosel, giving it a significant toe hang best suited for strokes with more face rotation and arc.  While any putter can be customized to the golfer’s liking, the White Hot OG’s standard stock technology and specifications make it one of the best putters of 2023.


TaylorMade TP Hydro Blast



Best known for their best-in-class drivers and irons, TaylorMade’s TP Hydro Blast does not disappoint on the greens.  With adjustable heel and toe weights, the Hydro Blast is flexible in its setup and provides golfers with optionality depending on their need for feel, responsiveness, and forgiveness.

The Hydro Blast also features the same 303 stainless steel composition as the Scotty Cameron line of putters while coming in at a fraction of the price.  Its combination of playability and cost makes the TaylorMade Hydro Blast one of the best putters 2023.


Bettinardi Studio Stock



Bob Bettinardi’s putters are renowned for their high-tech, computer-driven construction that results in precision milling and exceptional performance. Bettinardi’s Studio Stock line of putters is a favorite among PGA Tour players like 2022 U.S. Open champion Matthew Fitzpatrick and easily one of the best blade putters you can find.

Bettinardi’s use of a soft carbon steel construction process results in an incredibly soft feel at impact which allows players incredible feel and responsiveness.

While Bettinardi putters are unquestionably some of the best putters of 2023 and any year for that matter, they do come with a hefty price tag ($400 and up) so be ready to pay up.


The Best Blade Putter for You

We all could stand to save a few strokes on the green so deciding which putter is best for you should not be a rushed decision.  If you have already settled your own blade vs mallet putter debate and decided on a blade, you would be wise to try out the models listed here.  They are widely recognized as a few of the best blade putters on the market and one of them may just be the perfect fit for your stroke.


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