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Putting Perfection – A Guide to Improving Your Putting Game

It’s analogous to shooting a rifle while gazing down the side of the barrel to aim a golf club at your target, in this case, the best g0lf putters. Of course, it would be much simpler to put side-saddle as Sam Snead did. But because doing so is against the laws of golf, we must instead discover legal ways to position ourselves on the greens and improve our putting alignment.

After you have the leading edge of the golf club pointed, you must align. The majority of golfers mistake the best golf putters alignment with aim. The golf club must be aimed first. Next, position yourself according to the direction in which the golf club is pointed. When putting, the same holds true. The fact that you roll the ball when you put distinguishes it from all other shots. It would be best if you examined each green’s terrain in relation to where your ball is on it and where the hole is on it. In other words, you must accurately read the green to determine where you want to aim the putter before you can adequately align yourself. Green reading is a whole separate topic from how to line up putts and we will save that for another day.

The truth is that putting specifically lining up putts, is one of the most crucial aspects of the game and one of the simplest to improve, but amateur golfers often overlook it. However, the famous golfers are aware of this fact. It takes various abilities to put well, including control, grip, stance, strategy, and stroke. If you’re committed to shooting lower scores, practice your putting. To liven up your game and hit more birdies, start with these putting strategy pointers.

Perfect alignment

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Alignment Rods

When practicing your putt alignment, place an alignment rod parallel to the line of your putt on the ground next to the ball, much like a railroad track. Then, put your feet in front of you parallel to the alignment rod. This aids in building a solid foundation for a solid putting stroke.

Putting Mirrors

Set up with a ball at the end of the mirror and select your desired line to utilize. When it appears that you are aiming down your favorite line the most, you can then adjust your head posture. The most consistent outcomes for your stroke will be obtained with this eye alignment. You should begin with a mirror every time you practice and ensure everything is set up precisely where you want it. You’ll put yourself in the greatest possible position to make more putts and improve your score if you continuously maintain perfect eye alignment.

Body Positioning

One of the best golf putters alignment tips is body positioning. Golfers believing that their body should aim towards the target is the most frequent error and misunderstanding I observe when it comes to aiming and aligning. Most of the time, this is untrue. Instead, the clubface should face the target, and the body should be parallel to but not aimed at the target. That means that if you are a right-handed golfer, your body lines will be to the left of the target.


One of the most straightforward putting tips to implement is to approach the ball with the appropriate stance. Your hips and legs provide most of the energy for each shot during your putting stroke. To prevent unneeded or undesirable movement, maintain a straight back and shoulders parallel to the ball. Your center of gravity ought to be equally distributed over both feet. To discover your ideal posture, practice moving your hands while twisting your hips and allowing your wrists to direct the clubface.


Laser practice tools enable amateurs and professionals to improve their putting accuracy. It eliminates uncertainty about where your clubface is heading, allowing you to roll putts that start your ball on the intended line. Three different laser types enhance putting performance. The least expensive ones project a line toward your target and along the path of your stroke along the shaft of your club. Then there are more expensive ones that link to your putter’s head and improve read accuracy. Also, golfers like Dustin Johnson use laser glasses for their putting practice. Johnson reportedly co-created a laser-putting gadget with Perfect practice.


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Putter Face

Several elements of our putting technique can make or ruin the shot’s accuracy. Many golfers unwittingly use an uneven putter face, which frequently causes their stroke to veer off center and results in a poorly composed putt that surely misses the target. Our putts will stay on the desired path to the hole if we maintain a level putter face angle, resulting in fewer errors and more successful shots.

Gate Drill

The gate drill aims to help golfers become more accurate and symmetrical. Place two tees on the ground about six inches apart, followed by a ball, to perform this exercise. Avoid striking the tees as you put the ball through the gate. You will be able to hit straighter best blade putters thanks to this exercise, which will also help you concentrate on your alignment.

Circle Drill

One of the most effective golf putting drills ever is the circle drill. Choose a three- or four-foot putt for this straightforward exercise, and then arrange golf balls around the hole to mimic a clock. For example, you’ll place a ball at 12, 3, 6, and 9 o’clock. The ball is then placed in the hole by moving from one ball to the next. You can either wait to go on to the next until you sink the putt, or you can keep circling the circle. Because it continuously forces you to alter your setup and angle to the hole, this drill aids in alignment.

Circle Drill

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Bottom Line

Nothing is more upsetting than seeing the golf ball miss the hole on what appeared to be a straight putt after you’ve made it to the green. It’s possible that you misread the putt or that the best golf putters faces were off-centers. If you consistently miss your target line, we suggest using a convenient tool to increase consistency and a straightforward training activity to help you change how you perceive alignment. The above guidance can provide both for you.

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