Equipment Preview: Revealing five of the best golf push carts in the industry

There is a classic saying that all golfers are aware of: ‘Golf is a good walk spoiled.’ While, at times, that saying can be true, having a decent push cart can certainly help make any of those difficult walks a lot easier. Golf push carts are becoming an essential golfing item. They can take the strain of carrying your golf bag away and can save you vital energy, which you can instead use to invest in your swing. Like most good golf products, when it comes to finding the best golf carts, there is no shortage of options, and it can often be difficult to know where to start. With a wide range of brands and model types, in this equipment preview, we will reveal five of the best golf push carts that you can get your hands on today.


Longridge Tri Cart Golf Trolley

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(Ref) Longridge 3 Tri Cart Golf Trolley | Costco UK

Let’s start our best push golf cart review with a solid entry product, the Longridge Tri Cart Golf Trolley

Attractively priced, this solid but reliable golf cart is exceptionally affordable and easy to use. 

Containing a functional two-fold mechanism, the Tri Cart Golf Trolley features three large wheels, which should make steering across any sort of terrain fairly easy to do. 

It also allows you to adjust the handle height, so it is a great cart for a junior golfer or those looking to start the game. 

As you would expect with a pushcart at the lower end of the market, the accessories that it features are limited, but there is a scorecard holder, and you can clip your water bottle onto it. 

Fairly priced, it has long been considered as one of the best golf carts around and more than adequately gets the job done.

Motocaddy CUBE Push Golf Trolley


(ref) Motocaddy CUBE Push Golf Trolley Graphite/Blue | Scottsdale Golf

Although golf carts are a fantastic invention, one of the drawbacks is the amount of space they can take up either in your boot or cupboard at home. However, the Motocaddy CUBE takes all of that storage hassle away. 

Motocaddy is one of the most established names in the business, and when it comes to providing great best golf carts, they are always thinking of ways to innovate the market.

Containing a clever two-fold mechanism, the CUBE is 40% smaller than most other golf carts when folded and is simply ideal for those struggling with storage space.

However, it isn’t just storage where it excels, as when on the course, it won’t let you down either. 

A three-wheeled trolley, the wheel size is generous and should be suitable for every type of course. The height of the bag can be easily adjusted, and Motocaddy has been keen to ensure that its Easilock technology is compatible, which ensures that your bag can be attached to the CUBE without the need for a lower bag strap. 

The CUBE also comes with an umbrella holder, water bottle clip, holes for balls and tees, and a scorecard holder. It is a brilliant product. 

Clicgear 8.0 + Golf Trolley


(ref) Clicgear 8.0+ 4 Wheel Golf Trolley – Silver – Trolleys from Gamola Golf Ltd UK

Retailing as one of the more expensive golf carts in the market, the Clicgear 8.0 golf trolley is one of the most sought-after carts in the world. 

What makes this superb golf cart unique is that it has a four-fold folding system and four wheels. Most models only contain three.

Although the Clicgear 8.0 won’t fold down as small as the CUBE model, it isn’t far off, and it makes this one-of-a-kind trolley exceptionally easy to store and put away. 

The four-wheel system makes pushing and steering incredibly easy. Having both a footbrake and a brake in the handle, it’s incredibly easy to stop and control. 

Despite the Clicgear 8.0’s four wheels, the frame of the cart is still light and makes it the perfect push partner for both male and female players. 

Bagboy Nitron Push Golf Trolley

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(Ref) BagBoy Nitron Push Golf Trolley (

Like Motocaddy, Bagboy has developed into one of the biggest names in the golf cart industry, and its Nitron Push Golf Trolley has become one of the most respected in the business. 

Whereas the best golf carts can be tricky to fold and open, the Nitron takes away any folding hassle and lets you open the bag in just seconds. 

With its revolutionary auto-open feature, the bag features Nitro Piston technology, which ensures that at the click of a button, the trolley goes from folded to unfolded in just a matter of seconds. 

A three-wheel device, the lightweight frame makes it easy to push and it also comes packed with accessories. With a compartment for any valuables, there is also space for an umbrella, drink holder, balls, and tees, as well as a mount for your scorecard. 

Although it is priced towards the upper end of the market, the Bagboy Nitron is a brilliant piece of golf equipment that won’t let you down. 


Big Max Blade Trio Push Cart

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(ref) Best Push Carts 2024 – Our verdicts on the top push models | Golf Monthly

If you are looking to find a lightweight golf cart, the Big Max Blade Trio Push Cart is ideal for every type of golfer.

Weighing just 6.7kg, the frame is made out of lightweight aluminum and is exceptionally easy to push, no matter the terrain.

Containing a quick and easy two-step folding system, it just takes seconds to fold and put away. Although when folded, it isn’t as small as other push carts on this list, you will still be able to store it in small spaces or comfortably in the back of your car.

A traditional, three-wheeled model, the Big Max Blade can glide over any golf course, and the best thing about the cart is that there is plenty of space for accessories. With a large mesh net underneath the handle, there is ample room for all manner of golf essentials, such as a rangefinder, gloves, and golf balls and tees. 

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