The 2023 Best Golf Simulators for the Perfect At-Home Practice Session

In recent years, an increasing number of people have invested in equipment and technology that allows them to practice at home. Because of the coronavirus pandemic, golfers worldwide were unwilling to stop playing and wanted to keep honing their swings even when under lockdown. As a result, many decided to buy golf nets, which allow them to hit golf balls whenever they want, from their living room to their backyard. Some even went so far as to purchase golf simulator equipment, allowing people to imitate golf in the comfort of their homes or gardens.

The best golf simulator for home is undeniably a hot golf equipment and technology topic. Only a few years ago, the cost of these simulators was just out of reach for most people. The alternatives for your home have substantially grown as things have improved and prices have decreased. After extensive testing, we’ve created this review with accuracy, cost, and entertainment in mind. 


TrackMan golf simulators will set you back a fair bit, which is why you mainly find them in professional golf players’ houses and some high-end instruction and club fitting facilities. However, the business customizes its simulators to fit most locations, whether that’s a garage or a specialized space within your home. The TrackMan Indoor Golf Simulator outfitted with the company’s TrackMan 4 launch monitor hardware and software, employs radar and multi-camera tracking to provide exact ball flight tracking and informative swing data. The system also incorporates high-definition visuals and virtual recreations of many PGA Tour courses, all of which are vibrant and lifelike. While the price tag may put some people off, this is the pinnacle of golf simulator technology and undoubtedly one of the best home golf simulators.


Foresight GCQuad

I’m not going to get into specifics, but this is one of the best virtual golf simulators on the market. To summarize, the GCQuad is amazingly accurate. Golf pros like Rickie Fowler and Francesco Molinari rely on it. Martin Hall is shown using it on the golf channel. In their videos, YouTube golf gurus use it to test clubs. If every millimeter and fraction of an angle counts. Suppose you require an accurate RPM for spinning. Foresight’s GCQuad golf simulator is ideal if you need to know your distances to the yard for each club. How much will it cost you? A premium system with all add-ons will cost between $14K and $26K. You must pay that price if you genuinely want the best golf simulator on the market.



SkyTrak is a photometric-based ball tracking system that measures backspin, carry distance, distance off center, launch angle, side spin, total distance, and other parameters. The SkyTrak Golf Simulator & Launch Monitor, a ball tray, Premium Golf Hitting Mat, choice of Projector Ceiling Mount or Floor Enclosure, Side Netting, SwingBay Screen & Enclosure, a 1080p HD Short Throw Projector, 10×10′ Mat to Screen turf, and more are included in this all-in-one solution. All are priced under $10,000.


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Golfzon TwoVision

Some simulators are better than others at simulating the conditions and challenges that define a round of golf played in the real world. And when replicating shots hit on hilly or uneven terrain, Golfzon’s new TwoVision simulator outperforms all others. To begin, the swing plate of the device can tilt and rotate in 24 directions. That is, when golfers see an uneven stance on the screen, the swing plate will move beneath their feet to mimic the slope of the terrain. As a result, golfers may now practice those difficult sidehill lies indoors. Furthermore, the TwoVision swing plate is outfitted with various turf patches to mimic a golf course’s multiple features.


Uneekor EYE XO

This is the ultimate home golf simulator for anyone with a mid-high budget who wants to step up from the SkyTrak. The EYE XO is a relatively new simulator device that golfers have favorably regarded. It is considered superior to the SkyTrak and comparable to many professional systems at a lower cost. Furthermore, the EYE XO employs unmarked ball technology, allowing you to use any ball you desire. This significantly enhances Uneekor’s QED system with more sophisticated capabilities and extra data parameters. This simulator package takes advantage of The Indoor Golf Shop’s renowned SIG10 enclosure, which is small enough to fit in most homes or garages. We would go as far as to say this is one of the best golf simulators money can buy.


Ernest Sports

Ernest Sports seeks to make professional-level golf simulators and launch monitor technology available to the general public rather than reserving it for the elite at a high cost. This means they produce some of the best-value golf simulators around. Golfers get an in-depth analysis of their strokes with its Quad Doppler Radar and Dual Photometric Cameras in one launch monitor, ensuring increased accuracy and feedback. Everything you need to know about your shots, from carry distance and spin rate to launch angle and overall length, is given in the Ernest Sports Tour Plus Golf Simulator & Launch Monitor. Joe Ernest, the creator of Ernest Sports, developed his simulator to address the issue of golfers not knowing which club to hit on the course.

Ernest Sports

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Final Thoughts

Before contemplating purchasing a golf simulator for a home, you must examine the available space. As a rough estimate, and by no means a guarantee, you’ll need at least 8ft of the area from floor to ceiling to accommodate your less ‘controlled’ swings. In addition, a foot of space is usually required between the wall and the screen and around 8 feet between the screen and the tee – in other words, a reasonably spacious lounge. It would be best to consider how much money you want to spend on a home golf simulator.


The distance between virtual golf and the actual thing is closing as technology advances. Don’t get us wrong: an indoor golf simulator will never replace a game of golf at your local club, but it does demonstrate how realistic the experience is becoming. The number of companies creating simulators has expanded due to its growing popularity and a burgeoning home golf industry. More choices mean greater competition for manufacturers, but it also means lower prices for the average Joe. Determining which is best for you might be complicated with many possibilities. Hopefully, the list of the best simulators in 2023 above has given you a starting point.

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