Taylormade just released the Hi-Toe 3 Wedge–Here’s What You Need to Know!

Taylormade just released the Hi-Toe 3 Wedge. If you’re thinking about buying this wedge, there are some key features you should know before you do. Here are some of the key features of the Taylormade Hi-Toe 3 Wedge, which starts at $179.99.

The TaylorMade Hi-Toe 3 Wedge is a high-performance golf club designed by TaylorMade for precision short-game shots. Its innovative design and advanced technology make it an excellent choice for golfers seeking improved control and accuracy in their wedge play.

The Taylormade Mini Driver is a golf club designed and manufactured by Taylormade Golf. It is a compact, versatile golf club that offers a combination of distance, accuracy, and playability. The Mini Driver is a popular choice for golfers seeking an alternative to traditional drivers, offering a smaller head size and greater control while still providing excellent distance off the tee. This club is designed to give golfers more options and versatility in their game, making it a valuable addition to their golf bag.

The TaylorMade Mini Driver is a compact yet powerful club designed for precision and versatility on the golf course. Engineered by TaylorMade Golf, this innovative club combines the accuracy of an iron with the distance and forgiveness of a driver, making it a popular choice among golfers seeking enhanced performance off the tee and from the fairway. Its smaller head size and unique design allow for greater control and maneuverability, making it ideal for a variety of shots and course conditions. Whether you’re looking to tackle tight fairways or unleash controlled power off the tee, the TaylorMade Mini Driver delivers exceptional performance and reliability for golfers of all skill levels.

1. Bounce Options

Multiple bounce options are available which include standard, low, and high. Each one is optimized for improved turf interaction and ground reaction time which suits certain swing types.

2. RAW Face Technology

RAW Face Technology is one of the Taylormade Hi-Toe specs that most excited golfers. It is designed to increase the ball’s momentum with sharper, narrower, and deeper grooves. These features will also help prevent rusting, thus preserving spin properties and providing a time-honored look. Additionally, this club features an aged copper finish to complement the raw face.


3. Milled Grind

Made of 8620 carbon steel, Milled Grind wedges are designed to provide accuracy. The milling process ensures consistency, crafting each sole so they interact with the ground in perfect timing; nearly impossible for a human being to replicate.

4. Raised Micro-Ribs

Milled ribs between the deep grooves add depth to the clubface and help it generate more spin when hitting an off-center birdie golf around the green. 

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