Top 5 Putters to Buy Right Now

Top 5 Putters to Buy Right Now

Purchasing a new putter shouldn’t be a chore. There are a few features to consider, including the length, lie, stroke arc, and design. This article will cover the most popular models, as well as what you should look for before making your purchase. Keep in mind the best blade putters aren’t always the most optimal putter for your game.  Getting a new putter shouldn’t take up your entire day, so start reading! You’ll soon see why. Here are the best Golf Putters to Buy Right Now

When it comes to enhancing your golf game, selecting the right putter is crucial for precision and consistency on the greens. Among the various types of putters available, blade putters stand out for their traditional design and sleek appearance. Renowned for their simplicity and effectiveness, the best blade putters offer golfers a refined feel and excellent feedback, promoting confidence in every stroke. Crafted with precision engineering and utilizing cutting-edge materials, these putters deliver optimal weight distribution for smooth, controlled swings. Whether you’re a seasoned golfer or just starting, investing in one of the best blade putters can significantly improve your performance and help you sink those crucial putts with finesse and style.

Odyssey’s O-Works line

For players who are looking for a new putter, Odyssey Golf’s O-Works line of best Golf putters will deliver a revolutionary face that is the most advanced in history. This revolutionary putter is available in an all-black finish and incorporates Microhinge Insert Technology for topspin and increased roll at impact. For the best performance on the greens, you’ll need a new putter that’s designed with these two key attributes in mind.


TaylorMade FCG

The TaylorMade FCG are the best blade putters with three hosel set-ups, offering the launch and distance control of the best blade putters, while also featuring the versatility of a mallet. The putter is a popular choice with several Tour players, and it has been one of TaylorMade’s most successful putters in the past two years. The new, streamlined head design resembles the traditional blade putter.


Scotty Cameron’s Mid-Mallet

If you’re a mid-handicapper looking for a new putter, then the Phantom X 5 may be the model for you. This putter’s flared back end provides a solid feel throughout the putting stroke, while the mid-bend shaft minimizes face rotation for maximum accuracy from mid-range distances. It also features a milled sightline and a large alignment guide to make putting easy and enjoyable.

Top 5 Putters to Buy Right Now


TaylorMade Spider X

The Spider X putter is the #1 Putter Model on the PGA TOUR. What makes it so special? Read on to find out more about this putter! It is the best-selling putter on the PGA TOUR! Read on to learn why. You’ll love this putter. And you can, too. You can find a demo of the Spider X putter here.


Odyssey’s White Hot 2.0

The Odyssey White Hot OF Seven Slant Neck putter is ultra-forgiving with a smooth feel and an impressive alignment aid. Its slant-neck design is best suited for mid-handicappers with a straight putting stroke. The White Hot OG Seven Slant Neck’s milled face provides a consistent roll on mishits. It is a high MOI and the centered strike will prompt maximum forward roll.


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