Tour360 22: A Review of Adidas’ Golf Shoe

The Adidas Tour360 debuted in 2006. Adidas golf shoes are known for being a premium sports apparel company, but it’s also one of the most respected names in footwear. So, what does that mean exactly? Well, it means that the Tour360 is a great shoe because it’s good enough to wear every day and still look stylish.

But let’s start with the basics. Golf is a game that requires incredible balance and control. While Nike dominated the market during the 1990s, Adidas quickly took advantage of the opportunity to create premier golf equipment. The Tour360 was born.

In addition to the original design, Adidas has continued to update the shoe throughout the years, including adding a full carbon fiber plate underfoot, changing up the upper material, and even making some minor changes to the sole. However, the real story behind the Tour360 isn’t about the history of the product; it’s about the future. Because while the Tour360 continues to evolve, the core concept hasn’t changed much. Sure, there’s always room for improvement, but the basic idea of the Tour360 remains intact. This brings us to the next part of our review…

How The Adidas Tour360 22 Looks

When I first saw the shoe, the first thing that came to mind was the color palette. The blue and orange really pop. If this kind of flair isn’t for you, there are five different color options available.

Aside from colors, the entire outer layer is composed of leather and other water-resistant materials that can be easily washed to keep them clean for an extended period of time.

For the first time, the Tour360 spikes are not replaceable. The footbed consists of a layer of foam padding for comfort, and the sole is made up of a thicker rubber outsole.

With its classic looks and three-stripes, the old Tour360s were always my favorites, but the new version has incorporated some modern flourishes that truly stand out. However, I don’t think the designers have taken things too far. The approach they took has made these the best-looking spiked golf shoes I’ve ever worn.

There will be five different styles of Adidas golf shoes available: both laced and BOAs for men and women, as well as a simpler lacing style for juniors.

The Technology

The new Tour360 now has a Footwear Lasting System (FLS) which was first used by Adidas in their 1996 running shoe models. It mimics the natural shape of the human foot, allowing for a better connection with the earth and enabling natural movement of the foot when walking or moving.

Other new aspects of the Tour360 include:

Dualstack Midsole

This combines the comfort and support of a cushioned shoe with the flexibility of a stability frame. This shoe has a horseshoe-shaped piece that surrounds the Boost midsole with EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate) for added cushioning and support. It’s placed on the perimeter of your foot to provide extra stability and support.

Adidas golf shoes say that its new midsole technology offers the best performance yet, with benefits that you’ll notice right away when you use them on the course.

GeoFit Collar Pad

The collar pad provides a better-fitting shoe for golfers by providing a customized and comfortable fitting experience.

3D Torsion System

A molded sole provides a greater connection with the ground and improves footwork during the swing by targeting more support in the midfoot.


The new Geofit collar and dual-stack midsole are designed to provide comfort and fit without sacrificing support and durability. A soft foam layer cushions the heel and forefoot while a durable outsole provides traction. The Geofit collar wraps around the ankle to increase stability and support. And, the new last wrap keeps the foot locked into place during movement.

The Dualshock Midsole’s technology is difficult to see but I felt the cushioning around the forefoot and the arch of my foot as well. The support here really felt nice while walking.

A mid-top shoe style was one of the key factors contributing to the overall stability of the shoe, but could potentially cause blisters. Using the right height of socks will help you here though.

The inner sock liner makes it slightly tighter at first, so if in between sizes, choose the larger one. On most pairs of footwear, I normally wear a size 9.5 or 10, and the size 9 fits perfectly.

On-Course Performance

These shoes were better than expected in terms of traction.

When choosing between spiked shoes and spikeless shoes, I usually prefer spikes because they offer better traction than spikeless shoes. These were perfect for this job. They feature the Adidas SPIKEMORE traction technology which includes six TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) spiky studs for maximum grip.

The addition of traction-nubbed grips made for an excellent complement to the claw-like spike pattern.

Combined with its great traction and excellent comfort, these shoes were a very stable pair.

I felt very comfortable with each and every swing due to the wide base of the Adidas Tour360 22. These shoes made it very easy to work with uneven lines as well.

What Golf Professionals Say About the Tour360 22 Shoe

Dustin Johnson

“I’ve worn almost every model of Tour360 since I started my career and I’m always amazed at how the footwear team continues to raise the bar year after year,” the two-time Major champion said.

“I really like the design and style of this new model, but the traction, feel, and comfort I get definitely make this the best version of the Tour360 that I’ve ever worn.”

Xander Schauffele

“Footwear is so important in the golf swing, but it can also help boost confidence. After spending quite a bit of time testing the Tour360 22, I know golfers will feel a higher level of stability, traction, and comfort, which are things we all need from our footwear out on the course so that we can perform our best.”


Adidas golf shoes really outdid themselves here. The Adidas Tour360 is an excellent option for those looking for quite possibly the most comfortable golf shoe, while still getting some serious grip on the ground. With a great fit, unique design, and stability for anyone’s golf swing, the Tour360 is a shoe I’d recommend to anyone looking for a versatile shoe for year-round golf. 

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