The Best Workouts for Golfers to Build Power, Flexibility, and Stamina

Golfers spend hours at the driving range and practice greens mastering their swing. However, few players realize that developing their physical attributes is just as crucial despite Tiger Woods showing the importance of being physically fit throughout his career. I think you need to make sure you are building muscle and strength that will act as the base from which you can become the best player possible. This article lists key workouts for golf that I think can help you to become a more powerful and consistent player. Whichever exercises you choose, make sure you stay safe by following exercise dos and don’ts.

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What Should Golf Workouts Train?

Golf Workouts Train

Golf training is a complex business, and most pros have dedicated personal trainers to help them get in the best shape. They show how great equipment, like the best new drivers on the market, isn’t enough for you to perfect your game.

I believe the most obvious exercises to look for are the best golf workouts for power. Building strength will drastically increase your swing speed and help you to hit shots a lot further.

However, you can also improve your technique by improving your flexibility and balance. This will improve your range of motion which in my opinion will help you to play more consistently.

Finally, lots of golfers don’t realize the importance of stamina. The more tired you are, the more the quality of your shots will flag. To avoid making mistakes, I think you should include stamina workouts so you can complete a whole round while maintaining maximum focus.

Great golf exercises combine all these attributes to ensure you get the maximum impact from your workouts for golf training.

Rotation Lunges

A good example of an exercise that combines strength with balance is lunges with rotation. In this exercise, you will hold a medicine ball to your chest and perform a standard lunge, placing one foot in front of the other and bending your front leg towards the ground. Then, you will rotate your torso both ways. For golfers, I recommend that you perform 20 repetitions on each leg.

I hope this exercise will improve your golf in a few ways. Firstly, it will give you more leg strength and more power when rotating your torso during the swing. Moving the medicine ball around your center of gravity will also improve your balance.

There are a few ways you can make this exercise harder. The most obvious is to add weight to the medicine ball, but you can also add more repetitions if you want to train stamina rather than strength. Alternatively, if you want to put more strain on your arms, you should hold the medicine ball out and away from your chest. I advise that you make the exercise harder gradually to avoid causing injury to yourself.

Rotation Lunges

Seated Rotations

Rotation lunges can add too much strength training if you are specifically targeting your flexibility. A purer flexibility exercise is seated rotations which I think are perfect for enhancing the rotation mobility in your back. It will also stretch your back muscles, reducing your chances of injury.  

To perform seated rotations, sit down, straddling a bench with a straight back. Hold a club behind your back under the crooks of your elbows. Then rotate in one direction while keeping your hips still. Maintain this position for a few seconds. Make sure that you perform the rotation evenly on both sides. I see 10 repetitions as perfect for beginners.

Cat and Camel

A stable, strong core is immensely important for all famous golfers. I believe it helps you remain strong throughout the swing, ensuring you can consistently hit the sweet spot of your ball. Cat and Camel is one of the best exercises to improve your golf swing. It stretches out your lower back while exercising your back and core muscles.

To complete this exercise, start on your hands and knees. Make sure your palms are shoulder-width away from each other and your legs are hip-width apart. Then inhale and arch your back with your head facing down towards the floor. This is the “camel” part of the exercise, as your back will look like a camel hump. Next, exhale and pull your back towards the ground. This is the “cat” position, as it resembles a cat stretching.

To start, I advise you to try and complete ten repetitions. As you get better, you can make the exercise harder by adding more reps. 

Push Ups

Push Ups

As you work on developing a stronger core, make sure that you don’t forget to develop your arm and upper body strength. These muscles are the ones that are most directly connected to your golf swing, and famous golfers can generate a huge amount of power from their arms.

In my opinion, one of the best golf exercises to develop such muscles is push-ups. Nearly everybody has done push-ups, lying down on your front and then using your arms to push you upwards. Make sure that your back remains straight and your abs are contracted throughout.

I like to change the exact muscles I am working out by moving my hands wider or closer to each other. This will change the strain that will be put on your triceps, biceps, shoulders, and pectoral (chest) muscles. 

There are several ways to make push-ups harder. You can move your hands as described above, add more repetitions with a shorter rest between sets, or even wear a weighted vest. You can also make push-ups much easier by performing them with your knees on the floor rather than raised.

Becoming a Stronger and Fitter Golfer

My article has introduced you to the most important golf workouts for speed, strength, flexibility, stamina, and more. They will help you to build a strong base from which you can become a far better player. They are also important practices to teach your kids when you teach them how to play golf.

However, you must avoid simply exercising a few times and then assuming you will get the benefit. Muscle and strength take a long time to build but will go away very quickly if you stop exercising. With these tips, you can develop your best workout for golf. I think all golfers should create a regime around these exercises and make sure that you stick to them for a long period.

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