Hall of Fame to the Hall of Shame – Best & Worst Golf Balls

There are many golf balls on the market, and deciding which one to buy can be difficult, especially if you need to know what to look for. In general, you want a golf ball far off the tee, controlled and capable of spinning around the greens, and has a good feel. There are numerous high-quality solutions available to golfers of all ability levels. However, there are also some duds that you should avoid at all costs. That is why we thought we would bring you a list of golf ball brands from best to worst.

best golf balls

Once you know what to look for in a golf ball, the next step is to choose one to play with. All you have to do to find out the specifications of each ball is go to the company website. I’ve tried almost every ball on the market and selected some of the most outstanding options for each type of golfer and some that should be avoided at all costs. Everyone will differ significantly, but it will provide a solid starting point. So let’s kick things off positively and look at the golf ball ratings from best to worst.

Discovering the ideal golf ball brands can significantly impact your game. From renowned names like Titleist and Callaway to lesser-known contenders, we explore the spectrum of golf ball brands, rating them from best to worst based on performance, durability, and overall value. Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned pro, finding the perfect golf ball brand can elevate your game to new heights.


Hall of Fame

Callaway Supersoft (2019)

Among all the manufacturers that sell golf balls, the Callaway line has effectively established itself as a prominent player in the golf ball business and as such sits towards the top tier of golf ball brands. They frequently deviate from standard ball designs and provide their customers with ultra-modern and cutting-edge features that have most golfers pleased. This golf ball appealed to me, but it must fit your swing. Therefore, it is only suitable for some. This could be the ball for you if you have a slower swing speed or a soft-feeling ball. In fact, it may be the most incredible ball available for under $25.


Srixon Z-Star

SeRM (Slide Ring Material) may seem like a mouthful, but we’re talking about more spin here. Its softer cover digs into clubhead grooves to generate better greenside and approach control than previous versions. This ball also has aerodynamic changes for better flight and a new FastLayer core for a softer feel and higher speed. Famous Golfers should also find these balls don’t scratch and they are wear-resistant.


Srixon AD333

These golf balls are a terrific alternative for players of all skill levels, not just beginners. The soft golf balls from Srixion feature a compression rating of 60 and a soft feel that can help players practice and learn the fundamentals. The AD333 balls are around $2 per ball and are good for distance and rapid swings, albeit they have a steeper trajectory than the other balls on this list.


Titleist Pro V1

Since its release in 2000, the three-layer Pro V1 has been the standard for tour-level balls and used by some of the world’s best players. Titleists rarely talk figures when it comes to new goods, but the new cover is the softest ever used on a Pro V1. This suggests that greenside spin has increased over prior generations. Expect lesser long-game spin and a lower ball flight than with the Pro V1x.


Bridgestone Tour BX

These new models include new compounds that work with the urethane covers to help generate more ball speed from the longer clubs and more control from the shorter clubs. This involves making shorter strokes have a gentler interaction, so the ball stays on the face longer for control and spin. Even better, those components are tailored to each ball to align with how those players make contact.


Hall of Shame

Top Flite XL Distance

Top Flite produces some respectable clubs, but its golf ball production abilities are questionable and as such, they are certainly considered by many to be one of the worst golf ball brands around. Top Flite employs the lowest materials available to create an exterior shell that emits an obnoxious sound upon collision. As a result, these balls are incredibly cheap, and unfortunately, you get what you pay for.


Pinnacle Gold

The Pinnacle brand of best golf balls has been around for a long time and is popular among beginners and high handicappers. These balls are generally quite hard, do not offer much spin around the greens, and are inexpensive. Pinnacles are often offered in packs of fifteen. The fact that these are sold in large pack sizes probably indicates that you’re going to need a few to make it round the course. Pinnacle has recently developed golf balls with a softer feel that offers more control around the greens. However, this is typically a golf ball for those on a budget that will provide different outcomes than a higher-grade golf ball.


Nike Mojo

Nike Mojo is another prominent brand that comes to mind while discussing the worst golf balls. Without a doubt, Nike has significantly impacted the athletic business with their equipment and apparel, but they have failed horribly in manufacturing the best golf balls. The Nike Mojo is quite hefty and requires a lot of strength to send it far. Avoid this golf ball if you are a novice.


Callaway Warbird

Callaway is a well-known name in the golf world, but the Warbird has to be considered a failure. Many people are intrigued by this Callaway golf ball due to its modest cost of $1.33 per unit. But the Warbird performs so horribly that I often can’t believe they were created by Callaway.


Vice Pro

Vice Golf is one of the industry’s most promising newcomers, however, the Pro range golf balls aren’t worth the money. The urethane cover provides a good feel when you connect, however, we expect more considering the hefty price tag this ball comes with. 

Vice Pro

Bottom Line

Finding the right golf ball for your game may require trial and error. The first box of golf balls you buy is unlikely to be the last. If you want a lower-priced golf ball with good performance, look for something between $20 and $25. This pricing range provides a decent balance of value and performance. Hopefully, our best-to-worst golf ball guide has given you a few pointers.

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