The Best Golf Tees For The Best Shots: The Complete Guide To Finding The Right Tee

Golf requires a blend of skill, consistency, precision, and the right equipment.  When it comes to golfing equipment, your accessories can be a huge game changer as they can elevate your technique and enhance your precision. Best Golf tees often tend to be an overlooked piece of golf equipment, but they are important to have in your best golf travel bags.

Choosing the best golf tees can help to improve the accuracy and consistency of your shots. You can easily cover the maximum distance with each shot, thereby improving your game

Let’s explore all there is to know about picking the best golf tees to level up your game and make the most of every shot you take.


Best Tees For Golf: Different Types of Tees You Can Choose From

Person holding golf tee

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A lot goes into the engineering of a golf tee. The type of material used to make one is perhaps the most critical element to consider. Various advanced design features also go into making cool golf tees that look and function spectacularly.

If you’re wondering “What is the best golf tee?” here are the different types to help you drive straight and long:


Wooden Golf Tees

Wooden golf tees are the traditional options that have been used since golf was first played centuries ago. The best wooden golf tees are made from a variety of woods. This includes bamboo, birch, and maple. You will also find them in various sizes, from standard to extra long lengths, to match your personal preference and the intricacies of your stroke.

These types of tees are quite stiff, which aids in better performance. However, this can be a double-edged sword as they may break more easily.

A major advantage of the best wood golf tees is that they won’t easily damage the club when you hit the ball, increasing their longevity. They are also biodegradable, which is a huge advantage and consideration for environmentally conscious golfers. This is because they help to reduce a golfer’s carbon footprint as they enjoy their hobby.


Plastic Golf Tees

Plastic golf tees are amongst the best golf tees for beginners. This is because they are affordable and durable. Unlike wooden golf tees, they also don’t snap and break. However, they may get bent from the impact of a particularly forceful shot, which may compromise their durability.

The best plastic golf tees can have unique and interesting designs that are made to provide better performance and a fun way to express your creativity. They are available in various colors, sizes, and shapes. You can also choose from different lengths – standard, short, and extra-long options to make the best golf tee possible. 

If you’re a beginner and still looking to improve your game, plastic golf tees are a great option, because they are much less likely to break if you hit the ground when you tee off. Plastic tees flex quite a bit, which may alter the trajectory of your shot. Consider this as you think about the best golf balls for beginners to take your skill to the next level.


Brush Tees

Brush tees are great options if you’re looking for the best golf tees for beginners. Their brush-like top is designed to support the ball while reducing the resistance between the ball and the tee. This reduces friction, so the ball can be struck with more force. It is the best golf Ball because it also enhances the accuracy and distance covered.

Brush tees are allowed in most golf tournaments and even in PGA Tour events if a golfer prefers them. However, they must not be of the anti-slice variety.


Three-Prong Zero Friction Golf Tees

You can also opt for a uniquely designed, zero-friction cool golf tee. They have three prongs that support the ball and reduce the surface area that maintains contact with the ball. This reduces the friction between the ball and the tee, thereby minimizing the spin. You can make straighter shots that also travel further.


What Is the Best Golf Tee for Me: Factors to Consider

Golf Ball on a tee

Image Source:- PEXELS.COM – Golf Ball on a tee

Which of the best golf Balls you choose depends on your skill level, preferences, and the conditions you will be playing in. 

Here are some factors you should consider when choosing the best tees for golf to improve your game:


Distance and Accuracy

If you are a beginner, you may opt for a cool golf tee with less friction, such as a brush tee or a zero-friction tee. They will help you achieve maximum distance and accuracy.



Golf is an already expensive sport to play. You may not want to spend too much additional money on your accessories and equipment. 

Keep in mind that even the best wood golf tee is prone to breaking. Plastic golf tees may last longer, but they tend to bend more easily. 


Design Features

Some options, such as the best plastic golf tee, may have unique design features to boost your game. For example, some may have a band around the tee, which provides you with a marking to help you put the tee at the same level for every shot.

The brush-like design of a brush golf tee and the three-pronged design of the zero-friction golf tee are also features that are worth considering to help you choose the best golf tee.



The golf tee’s length is another vital consideration, as it can have a significant impact on your game. So, what is the best golf tee in terms of length?

Standard tees are the best golf Balls for low-profile drivers, allowing the ball to be cleanly struck without interfering with its flight.

Mid-length tees provide more elevation, so you can get the ball higher off the ground and cover a greater distance. Long tees are the best tees for golf, designed to be used with larger drivers and provide the most elevation. They launch the ball higher and farther than any other type of tee.

Consider the size of your clubhead and your playing style when choosing the best golf tee height. You can also experiment with different lengths to find the tee that best suits your game.



Golf Ball Close up

Image Source:- PEXELS.COM – Golf Ball Close-Up

Golf tees are the very small and the most often overlooked piece of equipment in the game. However, they play a significant role in every shot’s accuracy and your overall enjoyment. This is why finding the best golf tee is extremely important to optimize and enhance your game.

What is the best golf tee out there? Should you consider the best plastic golf tee? What about the best wooden golf tees?

Choosing from so many cool golf tees can seem intimidating. But with this nifty guide, you’re all set to find the ones that will help you make the perfect shot and perfect putt.

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