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Should You Get a Club Fitting? We Weigh the Pros and Cons


club fitting
club fitting

You’ve just purchased your dream set of clubs at a golf shop. You’re all set to hit the links — except that when you get out on the course, the clubs seem too long or too short, and they make you feel uncomfortable on the ball.

Chances are that you need to get fitted for clubs to make sure they fit your body properly, so you can play better. But before you go running off to get fitted, we’d like to weigh in on whether or not it’s worth it (and if so, how to do it right).

The benefits of having a set of custom-fit golf clubs

Most golfers don’t realize how important it is to have clubs that are fitted to their specific swing. The right clubs can make a big difference in your game, and can help you to improve your scores. Custom fit clubs are also more comfortable to play with, as they are specifically designed for your swing.

However, when you ask yourself “Should I get a club fitting?”,  there are some drawbacks to getting custom fit clubs. They can be expensive, and it can be difficult to find a qualified fitter. If you’re serious about improving your game, though, we think the benefits outweigh the drawbacks.

Considerations before getting fitted

1.What’s your budget?

A fitting can range from $50 to $250, so it’s important to know what you’re comfortable spending.

2.What’s your skill level?

If you’re a beginner, you might not need as much help as someone who’s been playing for years.

3.What kind of clubs do you currently have?

If you just bought a new set of clubs, there’s no need to get fitted for them.

4.How often do you play?

If you only play once in awhile, you might not need to get fitted.

5.What are your goals?

If you’re trying to improve your golf game, getting fitted could help you find the right clubs for your swing.

club fitting
club fitting

6.Do you have any injuries or physical limitations?

It would be beneficial to let the professional know before you go to a fitting if so.

Ultimately, the decision of whether or not to get a club fitting comes down to personal preference. If you’re on the fence, consider your budget, your skill level, and how often you play. A club fitting can be a worthwhile investment for serious golfers who want to up their game, but it’s not necessary for everyone.

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Losing Your Temper on the Golf Course: How to Avoid It


It’s difficult to keep your cool on the golf course, especially when you’re playing badly or things aren’t going your way. Unfortunately, letting your emotions get the best of you can have serious repercussions. If you lose your temper and break your club in half or go on an expletive-filled rant in front of everyone on the course, people will likely talk about you afterward and not in a good way. Take a look at some tips below to help you avoid these scenarios.

Keep your cool

Losing your temper can be frustrating, but it’s important to keep your cool. Here are a few tips on how to control your temper on the golf course:

Take a deep breath and count to 10 before responding to anything that frustrates you.

Walk away from the situation for a few minutes if you need to cool down.

Focus on your own game and don’t worry about what other people are doing.

Don’t compare yourself to other players in any way- this will only make you feel worse about yourself and make you more likely to lose your temper.

Put your emotions into perspective- winning or losing a round of golf is not life or death!

Accept your mistakes

One of the quickest ways to lose your temper on the golf course is to dwell on your mistakes. Accepting that you made a mistake, learning from it, and moving on is a great form of golf anger management. Don’t let one bad hole ruin your entire round. Stay calm. If you’re feeling angry, take some deep breaths or walk away for a few minutes before continuing play. Remember what got you into this situation in the first place-just hitting great shots!

Analyze your swing

One of the best ways to avoid losing your temper on the golf course is to analyze your swing. This can help you identify what you’re doing wrong and make the necessary adjustments. A few tips for analyzing your swing are:

What is your trend in the backswing?

Observe how far away from the ball you are

Are you hitting behind the ball or in front?

Whether or not you lose balance at any point during the swing

What is your miss? Left, right, short, long?

Once you identify what you are doing wrong, try to overcorrect the other way to adjust.

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Five Exercises to Improve Your Golf Game


Improve Your Golf Game
Improve Your Golf Game

Everyone wants to know the end all be all exercise to improve your golf game or the best exercises for your golf swing, but with so many ways to exercise, it’s hard to know which ones will be most effective at improving your score on the green. To make things easier, we’ve compiled five of the best exercises that will help you raise your handicap and shoot lower scores in no time!



Allows you to build endurance and stamina so you can play a full 18 holes without running out of energy.

Can help improve your speed and power, allowing you to hit the ball further.


However, too much running can actually have negative effects on your golf game.

You can become too skinny and lose muscle mass, which will lead to a loss of power in your swing.

You can also put extra strain on your heart and lungs, which can lead to fatigue during your round.


Run or run/walk 20 to 30 minutes, two days a week.

Take a longer run or run/walk (40 minutes to an hour) on the weekend.



Helps improve your power and accuracy, can make you stronger and more fit, can help with your mental game.


You need to be careful not to overdo it and injure yourself, lifting weights takes time and dedication.


Legs (hamstrings) – Dumbbell deadlift straight leg x 8-12 reps.

Biceps – Dumbbell bicep curl x 8-12 reps. per side

Legs – Dumbbells sumo squat x 8-12 reps.

Shoulders – Dumbbells side raise x 8-12 reps. per side

Core Workouts


Alleviates back pain and stiffness with improved posture

An improved level of flexibility, enabling you to turn and bend more easily

Better balance helps to prevent falls.

One of the best exercises for your golf swing.


Core exercises can injure your neck and/or back


Perform plank for 60 seconds

Do 100 crunches

Perform 20 squats or lunges (10 on each side)

Perform 10 hip bridges (5 per side)

Improve Your Golf Game
Improve Your Golf Game



Yoga can help improve your flexibility, which can be beneficial for your golf game.

Yoga can also help improve your balance and focus, both of which are important for golf.


However, yoga alone is not likely to give you the strength and power you need to improve your golf game.

You may need to supplement your yoga practice with other exercises.


Check out this great yoga routine that focuses on golfers

Play More Golf!

And there you have it, five exercises that can help improve your golf game. But remember, the best way to get better at golf is to get out there and practice as often as you can. And have fun! After all, that’s what the game is all about.


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Taylormade just released the Hi-Toe 3 Wedge–Here’s What You Need to Know!

Taylormade just released the Hi-Toe 3 Wedge. If you’re thinking about buying this wedge, there are some key features you should know before you do. Here are some of the key features of the Taylormade Hi-Toe 3 Wedge, which starts at $179.99.

1. Bounce Options

Multiple bounce options are available which include standard, low and high. Each one is optimized for improved turf interaction and ground reaction time which suits certain swing types.

2.RAW Face Technology

RAW Face Technology is one of the Taylormade Hi-Toe specs that most excited golfers. It  is designed to increase the ball’s momentum with sharper, narrower and deeper grooves. These features will also help prevent rusting, thus preserving spin properties and providing a time-honored look. Additionally, this club features an aged copper finish to complement the raw face.

3. Milled Grind

Made of 8620 carbon steel, Milled Grind wedges are designed to provide accuracy. The milling process ensures consistency, crafting each sole so they interact with the ground in perfect timing; nearly impossible for a human being to replicate.

4. Raised Micro-Ribs

Milled ribs between the deep grooves add depth to the clubface and help it generate more spin when hitting off-center shots around the green.